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GW nerfs Warhammer 40k’s Leagues of Votann with apology video

Games Workshop has delivered a big nerf to Warhammer 40k's new Leagues of Votann army with a balance update and a 'James Workshop' apology video

Warhammer 40k Leagues of Votann nerf apology video - Warhammer Community photo showing Leagues of Votann Hearthkyn warrior models fighting Eldar

Warhammer 40k‘s newest army, the Leagues of Votann, are “better than they should be”, and are immediately being nerfed in an emergency balance update, Games Workshop announced via a comedy ‘James Workshop’ video on Thursday (watch it below). It comes after a storm of fan debate in recent weeks over the new faction’s very strong tabletop rules and their impact on competitive balance.

Published via GW’s Warhammer Community site on Thursday, the Leagues of Votann balance update is a free PDF download available from now.

GW says it’s making an “increase in points for units across the army”, as well as amending the faction’s core Grudge Tokens mechanic so that its automatic hits no longer count as an unmodified roll of 6 to wound.

As it was previously written, the mechanic would have combined with several subfactions, units, and stratagems for enormous, and very consistent, damage potential from across the army, against all opponents.

“They came out a little strong,” Warhammer Community head Eddie Eccles confirms in the video.

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“We’re sorry, we didn’t get it right this time,” he apologises.

“We’re making the change now, before most of the Leagues of Votann units are released so you can plan your army with confidence.”

The amended Leagues of Votann rules PDF can be downloaded direct from WarCom’s Thursday article.