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The Warhammer paint pot challenge returns for round two

Fans of miniature painting are gearing up for the second year of the Warhammer paint pot challenge, creating beauteous art from mere pots.

Warhammer 40k paint pot challenge entry - a goblin pulling a paint pot

After the success of its inaugural year, Warhammer 40k creator Morose Miniatures has announced that the paint pot challenge is back for another bout in 2023. The challenge asks Warhammer and miniature painting fans to get creative with paint pots, and was begun after Morose Miniature’s first paint pot creation, Alexandrius the Nuln Knight (named after Alexander from Elden Ring), got a lot of attention online.

The challenge is to create a paint pot model or paint pot diorama scene. Previously, the pots had to be Citadel brand (Games Workshop’s paint line), but this time Morose has opened it up to all paint brands and pots, so Army Painter advocates and Vallejo votaries can now join in on the fun.

Already, we’ve seen a few great submissions – like this lava-filled pot submitted by paint4thepaintgod, and Morose’s own entry, the Marius Brothers. We’ve also enjoyed mc_d0c’s insectoid Nurgle pot, and Bolloxs_painting’s paint pot slash goblin plough. There are a lot great works in progress being posted under the contest’s hashtag too, so stay tuned, we’re expecting this to be a doozy.

Last year, there were some great entries, from paint pot murder to sleek-legged paint demons. Check out some of the best 2022 paint pot challenge entries here.

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