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Paint pot space ape wins Warhammer painting challenge

These incredible Warhammer paint pot creations featuring goblins, monkey Xenos, and even Robocop won the 2023 Paint Pot Challenge.

Warhammer 40k Paint Pot - a paint pot with a hairy ape like body and high tech glasses

The results are in for the 2023 Warhammer Paint Pot Challenge, which tasks those who love painting miniatures with the difficult job of turning the pots they use day-to-day into stunning art pieces. Set by Warhammer 40k and miniatures creator Morose Miniatures, the contest has just finished up for its second ever year, leaving three amazing winners, one runner up, and a whole lot of excellent entries.

Running through the winners, let’s start with runner up ‘robot pot’ by victor_pesch_painting. The robocop paint pot parody – somewhat reminiscent of Morose Miniatures’ own ‘Marius Brothers’ entry – and the font is just the icing on the cake.

In third place is drowsycobra (placing in the same spot as last year) whose grimdark diorama contrasts nicely with the shiny gold spilling from the ‘cursed’ Warhammer paint pot. For the second place entry, battle_baron went kitbash crazy, creating a crew of mischievous goblins barreling up Pink Horror paint.

Finally, the winner of the 2023 Paint Pot Challenge was last years’ silver medallist grimdark_gravis_guy. They’ve made an amazingly hairy creation this year, turning a pot of Jokaero Orange into a Jokaero (one of the lesser known Warhammer 40k Xenos species) itself.

Notably, this was the first time non-Citadel paints could be used for the challenge, and while none made it onto the podium this time, there were a few great entries using other brands like Vallejo, such as this Gandalf firework by jonathans_minipainting and this post apocalyptic car by badland_builds.

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