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Games Workshop teases first new Warhammer paints since Contrast

Games Workshop has teased a "breakthrough" in Warhammer paints coming in July - the first big Citadel Colour release since Contrast Paints in 2019

Games Workshop new Warhammer paints - Warhammer Community trailer screenshot showing a space marine bolt rifle being coloured with paint

Games Workshop’s Citadel Colour range of Warhammer paints is getting a mystery new product (or products) in July, the firm has announced in a colourful teaser trailer released on Sunday. The 46-second animated video (watch it below) shows dull grey Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar models being magically splattered with paint until they’re fully coloured – but gives no hint of what exactly is coming, besides the slogans “Colour makes Warhammer” and “Prepare your brushes”.

“Citadel Colour labs have made another breakthrough,”  reads the trailer’s accompanying article on GW’s Warhammer Community website – though we still get no further hint as to whether the incoming product(s) are.

Based on the slogans used, however, we can rule out any new range of brushes (or even airbrushes) – and a tweet from the Warhammer Community account refers to the new development as “the future of paint” – so it’s fair to expect a new range of paints, or some substantial upgrade to the existing Citadel Colour products.

If so, it’ll be the first major release in GW’s paints range since the launch of its Contrast Paints in 2019.

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More than a few Warhammer hobbyists online have speculated (or should we say desperately hoped) that GW may finally be switching to selling Citadel Colour Warhammer paints in dropper bottles, as opposed to its long-preferred (but controversial) flip top lids. We’ll believe that when we see it.

Another compelling theory – based on the trailer’s motif of splashes of colour taking grey plastic directly to fully painted minis – is that GW has created Warhammer paints that can be applied directly to the models without applying primer first – a technology that’d make painting miniatures much easier for beginners.

We’ll keep you informed with new developments on GW’s incoming Citadel Colour “breakthrough” as they come.

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