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Warhammer 40k PowerWash Simulator DLC release date revealed

Cleanse the taint of Chaos from Space Marine and Astra Militarum vehicles using a big hose, in the next update to the zen power-washing sim.

Warhammer 40k Power Wash Simulator DLC release date - a gold two headed eagle 'Aquila' Icon on a blue tank plate, above an honor scroll which reads 'Ultramarines II'

New Warhammer 40k PowerWash Simulator DLC will be released on February 27, letting players scrub the dirt and bits of ground-up heretics from the sides of Imperial war machines in the meditative cleaning sim. A new trailer, revealed on Monday, shows off the custom models and environments that will be added to the game.

Whereas the PowerWash Simulator base game takes place in ordinary garages, and arms players with mundane, terrestrial power-washers, the upcoming ‘Warhammer 40k Special Pack’ will recreate the grimdark environs of the Warhammer 40k universe, transporting you to the hold of a cathedral-like Imperium of Man spaceship in orbit around holy Mars.

YouTube Thumbnail

Players take on the role of an Adeptus Mechanicus adept, their holy duty to cleanse battlefield grime and heretical daubings from every nook and cranny on their revered mechanical charges using a Mark 2 Aqua-Santica Arquebus power washer. Five vehicles await your ministrations:

We have high hopes that the excellent voice over work in the trailer (which plays the situation completely straight) carries over into the DLC.

Screenshot from Warhammer 40k Power Wash Simulator DLC - the player sprays dirt off a large blue tank

While we were initially a little sceptical about the crossover, seeing it in action has made us pretty keen to blast water into all the hard-to-reach places of an Imperial Knight. It’s also got us wondering why there isn’t already a Warhammer 40k crossover for Viscera Cleanup Detail.

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