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Our 7 favorite things in 10th edition Index Space Marines

Games Workshop has made all the Warhammer 40k 10th edition Space Marine datacards available to download from the Warhammer Community website.

Warhammer 40k 10th edition - product photo by Games Workshop of a Ballistus dreadnought, a walking war machine

Games Workshop has revealed the full set of Warhammer 40k 10th edition Space Marine datacards Marines via the Warhammer Community website. Games Workshop provided Wagamer with these new Warhammer 40k datacards in advance, and we’ve singled out seven things you should check out right away.

The Space Marines have the biggest model range of any Warhammer 40k faction, and there’s 122 datacards to search through – every card you turn over is bound to have something that makes you grin, groan, or scratch your head. Here’s our seven picks of cool, fun, weird, or nostalgic datacards.

Techmarines get angry when you kill their metal friends

When a Space Marine vehicle is destroyed within 12” of a Techmarine, his ‘Wrath of the Omnissiah’ ability will increase the attacks characteristic of his Omnissian axe from four up to seven.

Warhammer 40k Space Marines datacards for 10th edition - a Space Wolves Repulsor, painted by Nerodine

The Repulsor’s absurd weapon selection is gone

The Repulsor gravtank’s huge array of light anti-infantry weaponry (all with slightly different ranges and stats) made it a miserable vehicle to shoot with in ninth edition. Those guns have all been condensed into a single statline, the Repulsor Defensive Array. We give thanks to the Emperor of Mankind.

Librarians are tanks

With the removal of the psychic phase in 10th edition, Space Marine librarians pyshic powers are now either attacks or abilities they grant to their bodyguard unit. There’s some really powerful survival buffs in there: the firstborn Librarian and Primaris Librarian both grant their units a 4+ invulnerable save, while the Phobos Librarian grants his unit the Stealth core ability, and makes it immune to enemy shooting attacks from more than 12” away.

Warhammer 40k Space Marine datacards for 10th edition - Space Marine command squad product photo by games workshop

Command squads are back (but only for firstborn)

In ninth edition, the firstborn Apothecary, Champion, Ancient, and Company Veterans were all separate units, despite being sold in a single box set. The gang’s back together again for 10th edition and is available as a bodyguard unit for firstborn characters that aren’t zipping around on a bike or under a jetpack. It’s just like the third edition days – everything old is new again.

The Judiciar is a character-slaying time-twisting monster

The Judiciar is a specialist Space Marine Chaplain armed with a big sword and a funky sci-fi hourglass that slows down time, who first appeared in the Indomitus box set.

In 10th edition his Executioner Blade has the Precision weapon ability, allowing him to attack enemy characters in melee even while their bodyguard is still alive, while his time-turner grants his whole unit the Fights First ability. That’s a huge deal in the new edition, as it allows his unit to strike first in melee even on a turn in which it was charged.

Basic Dreadnoughts are still here, Venerable Dreadnoughts aren’t

Games Workshop announced it was retiring the kit for the basic Space Marine Dreadnought but keeping the Venerable Dreadnought kit, back in May. But the basic Dreadnought has a datacard for 10th edition and the Venerable Dreadnought does not. As both kits have the same armament this won’t make any difference to your model collection – it’s just a bit weird.

Warhammer 40k Space Marines datacards for 10th edition - a Space Wolves Attack Bike, painted by Nerodine

Attack Bikes are kind of cool now

Talking of venerable Space Marine kits, the Attack Bike (a plastic kit older than many of the gamers at my club) still has stats in 10th edition. And it’s honestly kind of cool now. The “Outrider Escort” ability, which it shares with the Invader ATV, allows it to shoot back after an enemy unit targets a nearby mounted Astartes unit. Dakka dakka!

Wargamer is still painting its way through the Warhammer 40k 10th edition Leviathan box set; I’m working on a force of Imperial Fists while editor Alex has set to work on a Hive Fleet Leviathan Tyranid horde using contrast paints to speed everything up. No surprises that reading these rules has us more eager than ever to get a game of 10th edition to the table. You can download Index Adeptus Astartes for yourself from the Warhammer Community website.

With thanks to Nerodine for the photos of his Space Wolves.