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Warhammer store birthday mini is a model in a model

Games Workshop has revealed its store birthday miniatures for 2023, including a Kharadron Overlord Admiral holding his own, tiny model boat

Warhammer store birthday miniature for 2023 - photograph by Games Workshop, a Kharadron Overlords dwarven admiral in all-enclosing powered armour, wielding a huge hammer and carrying a model sky vessel

The 2023 Warhammer Store birthday miniatures will be Yôht Grendok, a Leagues of Votann Kâhl, and Tork Lennsen, a Kharadron Overlord Arkanaut Admiral, according to Games Workshop. The firm revealed the dwarven duo in a Warhammer Community website post on Monday, showing that Lennsen’s model can be built holding an even tinier model of a Kharadron sky vessel.


The WarCom article states that Grendok, the Leagues of Votann figure, will come with Warhammer Legends rules, making him eligible to use in most game modes – he can of course be used as a stand-in for a normal HQ figure. The article doesn’t mention special rules for Lennson, but he carries the perfect loadout for a Kharadron Overlord Arkanaut Admiral, whether you build him holding a tiny, adorable boat, or carrying his helmet.

2023 Warhammer store birthday model - photograph by Games Workshop of a Kharadron Overlord model admiral in all-enclosing plate armour, carrying a huge hammer in one hand and a model sky-ship in the other

The WarCom post says the models will be available at store anniversary events from “February 2023 onwards”. There will also be a hardback anthology of short stories, ‘Archmage and Other Stories’, “featuring stories from Evan Dicke, Chris Forrester, Sandy Mitchell, Richard Strachan, and Nate Crowley”, authors who have written some of the best Warhammer 40k books.

2023 Warhammer store birthday mini - photograph by Games Workshop of a Leagues of Votann commander, a dwarf with a twin-barrelled gun and a plasma-edged sword in powered armour

Continuing a promotion we’ve seen in previous years, you’ll also receive freebies for every £50 / $60 you spend in-store during a store anniversary. Rewards include “a pair of pin badges… a dice bag, some fancy metal dice, and an accessories pack that consists of all sorts of helpful gaming gear”, according to the WarCom post. GW advises you to “check with your local store manager to find out when your store’s anniversary is.”

GW has made models holding models before – the Genestealer Cults Nexos comes with a hovering table carrying a 3D model of Warhammer World, for instance.

If you love painting miniatures, special edition miniatures are always a great challenge.  These two dwarves are a welcome change from Stormcast Eternals and Space Marine Primaris Lieutenants – it’s nice to see a different Warhammer Age of Sigmar army and someone other than the Warhammer 40k Imperium of Man get the limited edition treatment.