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Warhammer 40k World Eaters get buffs whenever any unit dies

A rules preview from Games Workshop explains how the World Eaters army will turn death on the tabletop - even of its own units - into buffs

World Eaters Blood Tithe Points - daemon primarch Angron model by Games Workshop, a huge, red-faced daemon with axe and sword

Warhammer 40k World Eaters worship the God of slaughter – and Khorne cares not from whence the blood flows, only that it flows. Fittingly, a rules preview from Games Workshop published on the Warhammer Community website on Monday revealed rules for Blood Tithe Points – a way for World Eaters armies to earn the favour of their patron, whether by destroying enemy units, or suffering their own casualties.


A World Eaters army will earn Blood Tithe Points (BTP) whenever a unit is totally destroyed, according to the article, and you can earn an extra point once per phase if a monster, vehicle, or character dies. There’s a further BTP to be gained in any phase in which a titanic unit – like an Imperial Knight, or your own allied Chaos Knight – is destroyed.

World Eaters Blood Tithe Points - red armoured, axe wielding chaos space marines rush into battle

What do blood tithe points make? Blood stained prizes! Each ‘Blood Tithe ability’ costs a certain number of BTP to activate, and remains active for the rest of the game – though the article says that you can only switch on one ability per phase, meaning you can’t toggle on all your abilities after a single, especially destructive phase.

World Eaters Blood Tithe Points - diorama by Games Workshop showing the great daemon primarch Angron being summoned by his Khorne Berzerker followers acts of slaughter

The article gives several examples of Blood Tithe abilities. The ones shown provide buffs to World Eaters models in your army – except for ‘Reborn in Blood’, which allows you to return the World Eaters’ daemon Primarch Angron to the battlefield after he’s been destroyed.

Blood Tithe Ability Blood Tithe Points cost Effect
Rage-fuelled invigoration 3 +1 to charge rolls
Total carnage 6 Melee attack rolls of six automatically wound the target
Spiteful nullification 2 Models that suffer mortal wounds ignore them on a 5+
Reborn in blood 6 If Angron is destroyed, put him into reserves with eight wounds remaining. He can be deployed as a reinforcement via Warp Strike – anywhere on the battlefield, at least 9” away from enemy units

The Khorne-worshipping Warhammer Age of Sigmar army the Blades of Khorne also make use of Blood Tithe points. They’re able to spend points to summon daemons onto the battlefield – there’s no mention of summoning in the preview.

The World Eaters’ Warhammer 40k Codex is up for pre-order on Saturday, along many gory new models from their refreshed range – we’ll be covering the release, so check back at Wargamer for more details.