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New Warhammer Warcry warband stars adorable baby dragon cat

The Vulkyn Flameseekers warband for Age of Sigmar spin-off Warcry are flame-bearded dwarfs on an interdimensional (dragon-cat) egg hunt.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Warcry warband Kyndledroth - adorable baby dragon lizard creature

Games Workshop has revealed the next Warhammer Age of Sigmar Warcry warband: the Vulkyn Flameseekers, dwarven Fyreslayers of the Lofnir Lodge who are scouring the Realm of Beasts in search of Magmadroth eggs. The new models first appeared in a Warhammer Community website post on Monday.

In case you’re not familiar, the lore behind the Fyreslayers Age of Sigmar army bears explaining. Way, way back before the Age of Sigmar, the dwarven ancestor god Grimnir battled a colossal fire-salamander called Vulcatrix. Both were slain in the titanic duel, but their catastrophic death throes gave rise to two things which the Fyreslayers now treasure – the magical metal ur-gold, and the first Magmadroth eggs.

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Magmadroths are huge monsters somewhere between a reptile, a big cat, and a volcano, which the Fireslayers tame and ride into battle. While most Fireslayer lodges are native to the Realm of Fire, the Vulkyn Flameseekers warband represents an expedition into the Realm of Beasts in search of more precious Magmadroth eggs.

Hence, the warband contains models like a Drothmaster, whose “pauldrons are fitted with Magmadroth eggs and whose whips are forged from Magmadroth scales”, tasked with keeping these enormous beasts in line. There are also Drothblood Thanes and Scalebreakers, who have the difficult job of killing any Magmadroths that cannot be tamed.

The warband is accompanied by a Kyndledroth, a baby cat-lizard-dragon-volcano which we would describe as “just a little guy” and “clearly the best model”. The warband is led by a Vulkyn Runefather “armed with either a drothvault greataxe or a shovel-like mastercrafted bokaz” – but frankly, the fire lizard cat is the main event here.

Games Workshop hasn’t announced a release date for the warband yet, but this will certainly be welcome news for Fireslayers fans. Fireslayers were one of the first totally new armies created for the first edition of Age of Sigmar, but they still have one of the smallest model ranges.

There are signs that Games Workshop is revisiting neglected Age of Sigmar armies – particularly the substantial range update for the Orruk Ironjawz that will be available to pre-order next Saturday. If you’re a particular fan of cute animals that are also on fire, did you know Wargamer does lots of Pokemon TCG coverage?