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Games Workshop culls 82 kits for Age of Sigmar 4th edition

A huge swathe of Warhammer models will leave the Age of Sigmar range for the 4th edition launch, though not all are gone for good.

Age of Sigmar 4th edition kits retiring from the range - a Stormcast Eternals wizard riding a winged horse with leonine features and horns

Games Workshop has revealed it will remove 82 Warhammer kits from sale when it launches Age of Sigmar 4th edition. Some kits will be replaced with new models, while some will be repackaged and join the product lineup for other game systems; which ones are truly gone forever isn’t yet certain.

Games Workshop is providing ways for players who own these models to continue using them in their Age of Sigmar armies. Most of the miniatures will receive free Warhammer Legends rules, suitable for home games, which GW states it will continue to support “with rules and balance updates as needed” throughout AoS 4th edition.

Both the Orruk Bonesplitterz and Beasts of Chaos will receive free to download digital battletomes that will be “considered legal for use in competitive play until summer 2025”, according to a Warhammer Community post published on Thursday.

This is the largest single shuffle in the Warhammer fantasy model line since Age of Sigmar launched in 2015, when both the Tomb Kings of Khemri and Bretonnia model lines were removed from production. These are all the changes:

Age of Sigmar 4th edition models retiring - Stormcast Eternals Knight Heraldor

Stormcast Eternals

23 Stormcast Eternals kits will be removed from production, though GW states it will publish a free downloadable battletome for “most of these warscrolls” soon after the new edition launches. Some will return with updated miniatures: a new version of the iconic, angel-winged Prosecutor shows up in the Age of Sigmar 4th edition trailer, and GW has already shown off updated Liberator models.

This is a really unprecedented reduction to the game’s flagship faction, and we’ve written up an op-ed examining the implications of these cuts.

  • Celestar Ballista
  • Evocators on Dracolines
  • Evocators
  • Sequitors
  • Knight Heraldor
  • Knight Vexillor
  • Lord Castellant
  • Lord Celestant
  • Lord Veritant
  • Lord Ordinator
  • Lord Exorcist
  • Knight Azyros
  • Paladins
  • Judicators
  • Liberators
  • Prosecutors
  • Gavriel Sureheart
  • Vorrus Starstrike
  • Castigators with Gryph-Hound
  • Astreia Solbright
  • Aventis Firestrike
  • Masters of the Sacrosanct
  • Errant Questor

Age of Sigmar 4th edition models retiring - Skaven Plague Priest


GW lists 16 Age of Sigmar Skaven kits that are being retired. As they’re the title baddies for the new edition, we can expect at least some of these models to return. GW hints “none but the Grey Seers can predict where these replacements will fall”, suggesting that not everything is getting refreshed. That’s a potential problem for players hoping to collect a Warhammer The Old World Skaven army based on the classic miniature line.

  • Clanrats
  • Skryre Acolytes
  • Warpfire Thrower
  • Ratling Gun
  • Gutter Runners
  • Rat Swarms
  • Master Moulder
  • Arch Warlock
  • Warp Grinder
  • Warlock Engineers
  • Rat Ogors and Giant Rats
  • Stormvermin
  • Plague Priest
  • Warplock Jezzails
  • Doom Flayer
  • Plague Censer Bearers

Age of Sigmar 4th edition models retiring - Bonesplitterz Wurrgog prophet


All seven current Orruk Bonesplitterz kits are being removed from the range. These models have rules in the Warhammer: The Old World Orcs and Goblins list, but GW has already announced everything that will be part of the first wave of Orcs and Goblins minis, and the Bonesplitterz aren’t on it.

Possibly these models will be gone for good – they have broadly the same armaments as other Orcs. Their aesthetic is distinctive, but it’s inspired by racist Victorian stereotypes of non-European tribal societies, an association GW may wish to distance itself from.

  • Savage Orruk Boyz
  • Savage Orruk Boarboyz
  • Maniak Weirdnob
  • Savage Orruk Wardokk
  • Wurrgog Prophet
  • Savage Orruk Big Boss
  • Hedkrakka’s Madmob

Age of Sigmar 4th edition models retiring - Slaves to Darkness cultist

Slaves to Darkness

11 Slaves to Darkness kits are being removed from the AoS range, most of them warbands from Warcry, plus a Warhammer: Underworlds warband. It’s not clear if these kits will remain in production for Warcry – it would be a real shame to see them go completely, as they’re amazing fodder for conversions.

  • Horns of Hashut
  • Tarantulos Brood
  • Splintered Fang
  • The Unmade
  • Corvus Cabal
  • Cypher Lords
  • Scions of the Flame
  • Iron Golems
  • Spire Tyrants
  • Untamed Beasts
  • Khagra’s Ravagers

Age of Sigmar 4th edition models retiring - Beasts of Chaos Beastlord

Beasts of Chaos

18 Beasts of Chaos kits are leaving Age of Sigmar, but GW states the models will return to sale as the Beastmen Brayherds in Warhammer: The Old World.

  • Vanguard: Beasts of Chaos
  • Beastlord
  • Ungors
  • Bestigors
  • Herdstone
  • Beasts of Chaos Endless Spells
  • Gors
  • Bullgors
  • Chaos Warhounds
  • Dragon Ogors
  • Cygor / Ghorgon
  • Beastlord with paired rippers
  • Centigors
  • Tuskgor Chariot
  • Jabberslythe
  • Doombull
  • Cockatrice
  • Dragon Ogor Shaggoth

Age of Sigmar 4th edition models retiring - Valkia the Bloody


A further seven miscellaneous miniatures are going off sale. It’s possible that some minis may find their way back on sale via the Old World range, such as the Sylvaneth Branchwraith joining the Wood Elves, but that’s pure speculation on our part.

  • Sylvaneth Branchwraith
  • Saurus Eternity Warden
  • Valkia the Bloody
  • Scyla Anfingrimm
  • Madcap Shaman
  • Big Boss on Gigantic Spider
  • Mistweaver Saih

We remain cautiously optimistic about the next edition of Age of Sigmar: the AoS 4th edition rules changes that GW has previewed so far look solid, and the shake up to AoS army building rules is not what we expected (in a good way). For more Age of Sigmar news, make sure you follow Wargamer on Google News.