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10 new units in the Age of Sigmar 4th edition trailer

Wargamer pores over the Age of Sigmar 4th edition announcement trailer to figure out what new kits we should expect in the launch box set.

Age of Sigmar 4e trailer Stormcast elite with axes

The Age of Sigmar 4th edition trailer which Games Workshop revealed at Adepticon 2024 pits the numberless hordes of the Skaven ratmen against the superhuman Stormcast Eternals. It’s packed with hints about new units that are likely to appear in the launch box set for the new edition. We’ve scrutinised the footage and isolated every unique unit to predict what models you should expect when the new edition launches.

Games Workshop has already confirmed that Age of Sigmar 4th edition will introduce a new chamber of Stormcast Eternals, the Ruination Chamber, Stormcast who have lost their humanity due to continuous reforging. But we expect that, as well as totally new units, there will be new sculpts for classic models in the new launch box.

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The Age of Sigmar Skaven are one of the last Warhammer Chaos factions to get a major range update, having only had piecemeal model releases since Age of Sigmar launched in 2015. While most of their model range is already really tasty, there’s some ancient kits in the mix that we suspect are finally getting replaced.

Here’s all the new and returning units in the Age of Sigmar 4th edition trailer:

Age of Sigmar 4th edition Stormcast units

We’ve found evidence of at least five Age of Sigmar 4th edition Stormcast units in the teaser trailer for the new edition.

Age of Sigmar 4th edition starter set - an Elite Stormcast Eternals warrior of the Ruination chamber, illuminated by lightning, in ornate armor with a spiked gorget and a moon emblem on their cloak clasp

Stormcast Ruination Chamber elites

The trailer’s point of view character is one of a trio of Stormcast warriors who wear heavy armor and wield massive lightning axes. We suspect these are elite troops from the new Ruination Chamber, and that they’ll have some interesting resistance abilities that fit their Chamber’s role as the Stormcast who go into the places even other Stormcast cannot.

Age of Sigmar 4th edition starter set - a Stormcast Eternals lord riding on a Gryph Charger, a beaked mount

Stormcast Lord on Gryph Charger

It wouldn’t be a starter set without a Stormcast hero riding an enormous beast, and it looks like we have a melee combatant in control of a Gryph-charger to fill the slot this time. It would make sense for this to be the Lord of a Ruination Chamber Stormhost – we can only speculate what absurd title this new Lord will bear.

Age of Sigmar 4th edition trailer - a Stormcast Liberator in Thunderstrike armor wielding two hammers is immolated

Stormcast Liberators in thunderstrike armor

The mainstay of the Stormcast host is Liberators, infantry equipped with hammers and shields or paired hammers. The Stormcast in the video look to be wearing more modern thunderstrike armor – the armor came into service in the third edition Age of Sigmar Dominion launch box, but Liberators have so far only been able to try it on in the RTS game Warhammer Realms of Ruin. This may mean that the current Liberator models, which date back to first edition of AoS, are on their way out.

Age of Sigmar 4th edition trailer - a Stormcast prosecutor impales a Skaven ratman on a spear, then leaps into the air

Stormcast Prosecutors with spears and shields

Another classic first generation Stormcast kit, Stormcast Prosecutors are an angelic host that descend on wings of lightning. Prosecutors appeared in the first ever Age of Sigmar starter set, though armed with paired hammers rather than the spears and shields shown in this video. Like the Liberators, the new design shows them wearing svelte thunderstrike armor.

Age of Sigmar 4th edition trailer - the Stormcast battleline, with a mixture of units, including possible evidence of a unit of Annihilators

Stormcast Annihilators

One shot from the trailer briefly shows a trio of enormous stormcast with large hammers and round shields at the front of the army. To us, they look like the colossal line-breaking Annihilators who descend from Azyr like living comet strikes. Their inclusion would be a little odd, as they appeared in the previous AoS starter set, so consider this our most tentative guess.

Age of Sigmar 4th edition Skaven units

We’ve found evidence of at least five Age of Sigmar 4th edition Skaven units in the teaser trailer for the new edition.

Age of Sigmar 4th edition trailer - gian Skaven ratling gun

Giant Skaven ratling gun

The centerpiece of the Skaven army is a massive, multi-barrelled gun mounted on a Skaven-propelled chariot frame. Quite what the mad ratmen have dreamt up this time we’re not sure, but an upsized version of the Skaven-portable ratling gun is perfectly in keeping with Skaven military doctrine.

Age of Sigmar 4th edition trailer Rat Ogor levels its warpfire cannon to spray fire

Skaven Rat Ogor

A single Rat Ogor appears in the video, a hulking rat brute with one arm replaced by a flamethrower. The current plastic Rat Ogor kit is very old and frankly rather naff, so here’s hoping this isn’t the only version of the model available.

Age of Sigmar 4th edition Skaven battleline, including clanrats, an Ogor, and a warlord on beast

Skaven clanrats

The masses of Skaven infantry in the video are clearly Clanrats. On the one hand it’s unsurprising that more Clanrats are on the way, as they’re absolutely the core of any Skaven army. But their current kit still holds up very nicely – it will be interesting to see if new models can improve on them.

Age of Sigmar 4th edition trailer Warlord riding giant rat

Skaven Warlord on gargantuan rat

The leader of the Skaven force is a Warlord riding some kind of colossal rat beast, armed with a multi-barelled warplock pistol and a huge halberd. The mount is similar to the out-of-production Brood Horror model once made by Forge World, but looks to be a fair bit smaller.

Age of Sgimar 4th edition trailer - Skaven with Warplock Jezzails

Skaven Warplock Jezzails

The group of Skaven firing long-ranged rifles from behind huge pavise shields are unmistakably Warplock Jezzails. Jezzails are a classic Skaven weapon that hasn’t received a new model in over two decades, so these are particularly welcome – especially for Warhammer The Old World Skaven players.

The Age of Sigmar 4th edition trailer was the biggest news to come out of Adepticon on March 20-21, but it was far from the only thing. For fans of tunnel dwellers we got to see the refreshed Warhammer Dwarf range, while in the far future new Chaos Space Marine Lords, Genestealer Cultists and Leagues of Votann make an appearance.