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Kickstarter sculpts look great for your Age of Sigmar monsters

If you think Age of Sigmar monster minis just aren’t big and beastly enough, check out Mierce Miniatures’ Brutal Beasts Kickstarter

Age of Sigmars Monsters alternative sculpts available in Darklands kickstarter - a servile fiend of Dis model, a crab-clawed, armoured, horn-headed demon

If you love Warhammer Age of Sigmar monsters but you’re tired of painting duplicates of the single kit for your faction’s heavyweight bruiser, Mierce Miniatures’ Brutal Beasts Kickstarter could have just the fiend you’re looking for. The campaign runs until 10am PT / 1pm EST / 6pm GMT January 31, and offers buy-one-get-one-free monsters from Mierce’s whole range, plus at least twelve new creatures being created just for the Kickstarter.

Mierce makes huge, resin monster kits, and charges a premium price. The new monsters have RRPs ranging from $100 / £80 all the way up to $310 / £250. As well as buy-one-get-one-free, you can buy a single monster in the Kickstarter for 40% off, an offer that’s also currently available in the firm’s webstore.

The campaign marks the 10th anniversary of Mierce crowdfunding its Darklands wargame. The firm launched its fantasy wargame via Kickstarter in January 2013, and has created a huge menagerie of enormous monsters since then – all of which are available in the latest Kickstarter.

Age of Sigmars Monsters alternative sculpts available in Darklands kickstarter - 3D renders by Mierce Miniatures of three large, fan-backed reptiles

Mierce’s monsters come from a fantasy world that’s a mashup of real-world myths and heavy-metal album covers. It has a strong visual identity of its own and contains models you won’t find in any Age of Sigmar armies: this Kickstarter is funding a monstrous mega-rhino and a Jason and the Argonauts style animated metal colossus that really can’t be compared to anything in AoS. That said, there are some minis in the range that put their own spin on universal fantasy archetypes also found in centrepiece minis from various AoS factions.

Age of Sigmars Monsters alternative sculpts available in Darklands kickstarter - a winged, red-fleshed demon wielding an axe in two hands, a fiend of Dis model that would work as a Khorne greater demon

The demonic Infernii range contains a whole slew of minis with a similar loadout and vibe to the Khorne Bloodthirster, ie, big wingy demon lad with a mean chopper. The Khthones are a reptilian faction, and their Khelon Wartower beasts are hard-shelled saurians lumbering under war-howdahs, similar to the Stegadon from the Seraphon range. Euryalia from the Ysian range takes design themes also found in Warhammer’s Daemons of Slaanesh, but goes far enough beyond them that we’ve decided not to share a picture of the model here to keep everything family friendly.

According to the Kickstarter page, Mierce plans to create an undead dragon which will be “as big as we can make him”, though we’re not sure if that will make it bigger or smaller than the Soulblight Gravelords‘ venerable zombie dragon.

Age of Sigmars Monsters alternative sculpts available in Darklands kickstarter - kickstarter illustration of a proposed model, an undead dragon

Resin isn’t a great material for newcomers to the hobby, as it can be prone to brittleness and produces toxic dust if filed or cut, but it can achieve a level of detail that’s impossible in plastic injection-moulded kits – perfect if you love painting miniatures and want a project to flex your skills on.

Mierce estimates it will ship pledge rewards from its Kickstarter in February 2023.