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Age of Sigmar ogre mini sets new standard for OTT accessories

The Fusil Major on Ogor Warhulk is the latest, heavily accessorized miniature to be previewed for the upcoming Cities of Sigmar range refresh.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar ogre, the Fusil Major on Ogor Warhulk, an Ogre in leather armor carrying a huge red tower shield and supporting a crows-nest and gunner from his back, miniature by Games Workshop

Games Workshop has revealed a new Age of Sigmar ogre model for the Cities of Sigmar range. A Warhammer Community article posted on Monday introduces the Fusil-Major on Ogor Warhulk, a hulking brute carrying both a tower shield and a crow’s nest containing a gunnery officer, the latest of several new minis revealed for the Age of Sigmar army.

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The preview hints at the role this model will play in Age of Sigmar; “From atop their mobile watchtower a Fusil-major can unleash crack shots with little distraction, eliminating key enemy assets and forcing whole fronts to collapse without command”. That suggests the gunner will be able to ignore the Look Out Sir! rule and target enemy commanders without penalty.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar ogre, Ogor Warhulk special rule 'fortified position'

The article also reveals one of the model’s special rules, ‘Fortified Position’. At the start of the battle, or any time the Ogor finishes a movement phase without having moved, the model is in a ‘Fortified Position’ until it next moves or leaves the battlefield.

So long as it stays fortified it can ignore any negative save modifiers when saving against ranged attacks – most of the time, that means ignoring the rend characteristic of enemy shooting attacks.

GW has been gradually teasing new units for the Cities of Sigmar for some time, and frankly they look great – the Dawnbringer Marshal is fantastic. It’s really interesting to see a new Ogor model for the Cities of Sigmar; while the Ogor Mawtribes were the face of Warhammer Fantasy ogres for over a decade, GW explored a variety of different ogre appearances before that, all the way back to the Oldhammer era.