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Age of Sigmar 3rd edition rules are now free to download

Grab a PDF copy of the Age of Sigmar third edition rules now

Age of Sigmar third edition miniatures

A digital copy of the Age of Sigmar third edition core rulebook is now available to download for free. Announced by Games Workshop in a Warhammer Community post yesterday, you can grab a PDF copy of the book from the official Age of Sigmar site, in return for signing up to the firm’s newsletter.

The 44-page rulebook covers the fundamentals of the miniatures wargame. It outlinse all the rules you’ll need to play, with sections numbered and decimalised to make navigating the system easier. There are plenty of sidebars explaining specifics, and keywords are written in bold. However, this is very much a rulebook, and you won’t find anything in the way of lore, faction guidelines, or strategy advice.

A larger, full rulebook will be included in the Age of Sigmar third edition launch box Dominion, and sold as a standalone product. Coming in at 360 pages, the hardback will extend beyond the essentials, but Games Workshop says the digital core book should at at least help you get familiar with the changes that third edition is bringing.

Dominion will go live for pre-order on June 19, and hit retail shelves on July 3.

Besides the new ruleset, the box introduces the Kruleboyz, a new Orruk army and the latest addition to the Grand Alliance of Death. They’re joined by some beefed-up Stormcast Eternals, wearing brand new Thunderstrike Armour.

There’s a lot to dig into in this release, so check back to Wargamer soon, as we share our thoughts on Dominion, Age of Sigmar third edition, and all that good stuff soon.