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GW seeks Warhammer tournament champ to design Age of Sigmar

GW wants “a passionate Warhammer Age of Sigmar player with a competitive edge” and “a track record of tournament victories” on the design team.

A Warhammer tournament trophy - vector art of a gold winners trophy by Wikirishiaacharya, with a logo of a hammer with two lightning bolts from Age of Sigmar

If you have “extensive experience” playing competitive Age of Sigmar, “backed by a proven winning track record of tournament victories”, then Games Workshop has a job for you. The firm is seeking a Matched Play Developer to “shape the future” of Warhammer tournament play.

The Warhammer design studio is an increasingly large and broad team – gone are the days when the same designers would work on Age of Sigmar army lists, the AoS starter sets, and the competitive play packet. The Matched Play Games Designer will “collaborate with a talented team of designers to create, refine, and balance rules for Matched Play” so that “the game remains engaging, strategic, and enjoyable”.

A competitive game of Warhammer Age of Sigmar takes place at a large tournament - photograph from Warhammer Community

According to the job listing on the GW career’s site, the role will “be responsible for developing and refining rules and mechanics for the matched play format, ensuring a balanced and competitive experience”. That will involve organising playtesting, analysing rules changes, and gathering feedback from the competitive community.

Whoever gets the role will work with other designers and collaborate across departments to “create new matched play battlepacks and other rules publications that challenge and inspire players”. But it’s not a purely inward facing job. They’ll have to “stay informed about the current metagame and competitive trends”, and attend tournaments and events to engage with the AoS player community directly.

Games Workshop states that it wants someone with “deep knowledge of the rules and passion for the lore and setting”. Key skills include problem solving and analytic ability to detect rules issues, the ability to communicate and collaborate with others, adaptability to keep up with a busy workplace and keep many plates spinning, and “a creative mindset and desire to push the boundaries of Matched Play gaming through innovative design choices”.

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The role is full-time and based at Games Workshop’s HQ in Nottingham, UK. You have until 4pm PST / 7pm EST / midnight BST on May 19 to apply. The job listing does not provide a salary, but does list an employer pension-matching contribution of up to 7.5%, a profit share bonus, and the option to join a Share Save scheme.

With Age of Sigmar 4th edition on the horizon, we imagine that this new employee may have their work cut out for them – Warhammer 40k 10th edition was busted for competitive play on launch, and took two rounds of balance dataslates to bring it back into equilibrium.

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