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Warhammer Day preview promises “big news from the Old World”

Alongside new reveals for Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar, Games Workshop says its October 14 preview stream has "big news" for Old World fans.

Warhammer Day previews 2023 - Games Workshop photo showing a painted High Elf wizard for Warhammer The Old World

It’s Warhammer live stream time again: Games Workshop has announced its Warhammer Day preview stream will run on Saturday, October 14, including new product reveals for all the usual games, as well as “big news from the Old World”. That’s stronger language than GW has applied to Old World news in previous updates.

It’s exciting stuff for fans eagerly awaiting Warhammer The Old World, a reboot of the classic miniature wargame Warhammer Fantasy Battle. The game’s widely expected to arrive around holiday season 2023, although there’s still no hint of an official Warhammer The Old World release date. Perhaps we may learn more, come the 14th.

Warhammer Day previews 2023 - Games Workshop photo showing the preview stream timetable for Warhammer Day 2023 on October 14

Revealed via a Warhammer Community video on Monday (watch it below), the Warhammer Day 2023 preview starts at 9am ET / 6am PT / 2pm BST on October 14 via the Warhammer TV Twitch channel, and also packs previews of what’s soon to come out for Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Age of Sigmar, and Kill Team.

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GW is (for now) keeping schtum about what exactly we can expect to see showcased in the livestream for Warhammer Day, an annual event which this year coincides with the firm celebrating “40 years of Warhammer” – 2023 marks four decades since Warhammer first edition launched in 1983. That said, we wouldn’t be surprised to see some teasers in the 12 days between now and then.

Warhammer Day previews 2023 - Games Workshop photo showing the new commemorative Warhammer 40k miniature, a custom Leagues of Votann Einhyr Champion

And, as part of the festivities, GW says you’ll be able to pre-order The Ancestors’ Wrath (the snazzy, limited edition Leagues of Votann Einhyr Champion mini pictured above) for two weeks only, starting on October 14.

Naturally, it’s shared no hint of her price, nor how much stock will be available to order – but around $40 / £25 (the price of the regular Einhyr champ) seems likely.

Warhammer Day previews 2023 - Games Workshop photo showing a large painted army of Dwarfs for Warhammer The Old World

It’ll be a welcome treat for die-hard fans of the newest Warhammer 40k faction, who spent the first few months of 10th edition 40k getting consistently battered in tournaments, until they finally got a round of much needed buffs in the September balance dataslate.

Even after that rebalance, though, it seems the perfidious Eldar still have a stranglehold on GW’s flagship sci-fi wargame, as Aeldari dominated the London Grand Tournament last weekend – click that link to check out the winning lists.

Are you as curious as us about what Old World reveals could be in store for us on October 14? Best get caught up with our guide to all the Warhammer The Old World factions that’ve been confirmed so far – they’re a very different story from the Age of Sigmar armies you might know already.