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Get Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay’s best campaign and 8 books for $25

The latest Humble Bundle has all the content you could need to play Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay's most-celebrated campaign, The Enemy Within, for just $25.

WFRP art showing a sinister woman at a candlelit desk with labelled manikins.

Fans of Warhammer Fantasy take notice, the latest collection from Humble Bundle holds a whopping 18 books for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. You can pick up the whole lot, advertised at a total value of $288, for just $25, saving yourself a none-too-shabby $263. You’ve got until the end of March to take advantage of the deal.

So, what Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay goodies are in store if you reach for your wallet? Well, the bundle is mainly focused on this tabletop RPG’s best known campaign, The Enemy Within. Full of conspiracies, mysteries, and lethal action, this sprawling adventure is split into five books, and can easily take years to play.

That’s especially true if you use the other books in this bundle, because each of the five chapters of The Enemy Within has its own Companion book. These additional texts provide extra content, characters, hooks, and adventure ideas, diving into much greater detail on any elements that are glossed over in the main campaign.

According to Cubicle 7, the middle book in the campaign, titled Power Behind the Throne, is “arguably the best WFRP adventure ever written”.

WFRP artwork showing a woman in a red cloak placing a crown on a beastman's head.

You’ll also get the game’s rulebook and starter set, of course, and after that there are other books in this bundle that cover specific areas of the setting, with texts on Altdorf and Middenheim (two cities featured in the The Enemy Within campaign). There are also a few additional adventures to bring to your table.

As you can probably see, the collection is very Empire-centric. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay has traditionally focused very heavily on the Empire – which makes sense, it’s where most of the humans live. However, recent releases like Lustria have expanded the game to more exotic parts of the setting.

As usual with Humble Bundles, if you’re not jazzed about paying out the full amount, you can get a smaller bundle for a smaller price. $15 will grab you just the first two chapters of the campaign, plus their companion books, the base rulebook, and the adventure collections. And even if you just pay $1, you’ll still get the campaign’s first chapter, the game’s starter set, and one extra adventure.

The Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Humble Bundle will be available for just over 20 days, ending on March 31. It’s raising money for Children’s Health Ireland, and you can choose how much of your donation goes to charity, to the publisher, and to Humble itself.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the gritty, grimdark setting that came before Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – well, this bundle is probably the cheapest way to do so – but you might also be aware that Games Workshop recently revived the miniature wargame. Check out our Warhammer: The Old World guide to find out more about that.