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Massive Warhammer RPG bundle on sale for 83% off

The bundle packs in every rulebook, supplement, and adventure published for Warhammer Fantasy RPG 2nd Edition, at just 17% of what they normally cost.

Warhammer RPG bundle - cover art for The Thousand Thrones by Ralph Horsley, copyright Games Workshop, a procession of fanatics bear a palanquin containing a saint

Publisher Cubicle 7 is currently offering a Warhammer RPG bundle, containing all 25 rulebooks from the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd edition line, for $49.99. The PDF package contains every rulebook ever published for this edition of the game, and would ordinarily retail for $289.55.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, or WFRP, is a “grim and perilous” tabletop RPG that takes place in the Warhammer Old World. It uses a D100 system and combat is extremely deadly: the critical injury tables are infamous. Player characters can begin their adventuring career with truly miserable origins, like a rat-catcher armed only with a small but vicious dog on the end of a bit of string.

Warhammer RPG bundle - cover art for Tome of Corruption by Ralph Horsley, copyright Games Workshop - a gaggle of cultists lounge in a den of iniquity while a blade-limbed daemonette cavorts

You can pick up the bundle from Drive Thru RPG via this link. The Warhammer Fantasy RPG bundle contains:

  • Core Rulebook
  • Game Master’s Pack – two booklets of GM information and a short adventure module.
  • Career Compendium – extra player options
  • Old World Bestiary – extra monsters for the game
  • Old World Armoury – extra equipment
  • The WFRP companion – a grab bag of eccentric extra rules
  • Realms of Sorcery – a sourcebook all about magic
  • Tome of Corruption – a guide to the four great Warhammer Chaos gods
  • Tome of Salvation – a guide to religion and divine magic
  • Shades of Empire – A guide to factions and organizations within the Empire
  • Sigmar’s Heirs – A guide to the Empire
  • Realm of the Ice Queen – a guide to Kislev, the frozen lands between the Empire and the Chaos Wastes
  • Children of the Horned Rat – a Skaven sourcebook
  • Karak Asgal – a sourcebook focused on a dwarf city
  • Knights of the Grail – a sourcebook on Bretonnia
  • Nights’ Dark Masters – Vampire sourcebook
  • Renegade Crowns – A guide to the tumultuous Border Princes region
  • Lure of the Liche Lord – a campaign supplement and dungeon focused on a Tomb King in the Border Princes region
  • Plundered Vaults – a collection of one-shot adventures
  • The Thousand Thrones – a one-book campaign
  • Ashes of Middenheim – a guide to Middenheim and part one of the Paths of the Damned campaign
  • Spires of Altdorf – a guide to Altdorf and part two of the Paths of the Damned campaign
  • Forges of Nuln – a guide to Nuln and part three of the Paths of the Damned campaign
  • Barony of the Damned – an adventure set in the cursed province Mousillon

If you want to know what they’re all like, check out this video by Quinsberry Lodge, in which he speed-reviews every WFRP 2nd edition book in under an hour.

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WFRP second edition was originally published by now-defunct Games Workshop imprint Black Industries. Cubicle 7 holds the rights to all the old books, and publishes all the other current Warhammer licensed RPGs, including WFRP 4th edition, Warhammer 40k: Wrath and Glory, Warhammer 40k: Imperium Maledictum, and Age of Sigmar: Soulbound.

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