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Warhammer inspired indie film Chaos Rising releases August 5

Funded by Kickstarter pledges and the sale of mead, made by industry film industry professionals, Chaos Rising pushes the definition of fan film.

Warhammer inspired film Chaos Rising - close up on a Chaos Warrior

If you’re still eagerly waiting for more news of Henry Cavill’s Warhammer film project, and you’ve rewatched every animation on Warhammer TV multiple times, we’ve got good news for you; the Warhammer-inspired independent film ‘Chaos Rising’ will release to YouTube on August 5.

Chaos Rising is a short feature film created by passionate Warhammer fans, including film industry professionals. The film draws obvious inspiration from the Warhammer Old World, with a central conflict between a Breton knight and northern Chaos marauders.

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In May 2021 Chaos Rising raised $43,000 (£33,000) on Kickstarter, exceeding an initial goal of $17,000 (£13,000). The project has also been supported with merchandise sales, such as Chaos Rising Blud Mead from Nidhoggr mead company.

VFX specialist and co-creator Jack Fox says “the project grew from a 5min short action scene to a 40 minute epic mini feature!”

The FAQ section of the film’s website explains the copyright status of the film: “we have implemented necessary adjustments…. that were vital for the successful filming and release of the project”. So while it promises “blood, skulls, and chaos will persist”, don’t expect any direct references to Khorne, the Warhammer Chaos god of blood and skulls.

Warhammer inspired film Chaos Rising - Breton Knights in armor

Members of the film’s crew, including co-creators Graeme Carlyle and Graeme McEwan, are part of Combat International, the stunt-performance division of Clan Ranald Trust for Scotland. They have “spent many years performing on-screen combat for films and TV, including Outlander, Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon, Outlaw King, Justice League, Robin Hood and The Last Duel”.

Co-creator Charlie Parker says, “Chaos Rising all started with an axe. I was borrowing the prop as a recommendation of a mutual friend, who then introduced me to Graeme (Carlyle). The film goes to show, you can pull off some pretty improbable things! Chaos Rising punches way above its weight, and we are pleased to have created a buzz amidst tabletop gaming fans.”

Co-creator Graeme Carlyle adds: “My passion for filmmaking includes a love for history, video games and tabletop games. Working as a combat performer, you suddenly get to be that soldier, the warrior, fighting and dying (usually) in all of these fantastical environments and scenarios!”

Warhammer inspired film Chaos Rising - mounted Knight rides before fields of gold

For any Warhammer fans living in Scotland, there will be a premier screening this Saturday, July 22, at Duncarron Medieval Village.

With Warhammer TV a relatively recent proposition, fan films have been a major part of Warhammer fandom for years. We particularly recommend you check out the animation Astartes, available for free on Warhammer TV – or if you’ve already seen it, check out this filmmaker’s analysis of what makes it rule so hard.