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All 11 new 2024 Warhammer minis teased by Games Workshop

GW’s post-Christmas teasers hide 11 new Warhammer and Warhammer 40k minis behind silhouettes - here's our educated guesses at 2024's releases.

Warhammer Minis 2024 silhouette - an emoji of a detective superimposed on the silhouette of an Ork Big Mek

Between December 26 and 28, Games Workshop released three teaser trailers giving cryptic hints at new Warhammer minis that will release in 2024.  Using our frankly unhealthy knowledge of Warhammer miniature design, we’ve deciphered every silhouette to make our best guesses at the miniature lurking behind.

The previews reveal new minis for Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Age of Sigmar, and Warhammer: the Horus Heresy; here’s what we expect this year:

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Warhammer 40k 2024 teasers

2023 saw the release of Warhammer 40k 10th edition, so it’s unlikely that the new year can match the intensity of a new edition launch – we’re still painting minis from the Leviathan launch box set – but there are some very intriguing hints in GW’s teaser video.

Warhammer Minis 2024 silhouette - Ork big mek

Ork Big Mek

Only an Ork Big Mek could have this many gubbins hanging off their armor. His gun has the same business end as the Traktor Kannon, and currently there are no Ork characters armed with that type of weapon, so we’re looking at a brand new character model, a special character, or new options for the Big Mek.

Warhammer Minis 2024 silhouette - Adeptus Custodes character

Adeptus Custodes character

The distinctive paragon blade gives this chunky fellow away as a member of the Adeptus Custodes. The winged standard on his back suggests a character, perhaps even a new Adeptus Custodes named character. But for fans of the deep lore who’re keeping track of such things, we don’t think this mini is sufficiently impressive to be Constantin Valdor.

Warhammer Minis 2024 silhouette - Tau Empire Kroot cavalry

T’au Empire Kroot Auxilliary cavalry

The T’au Empire employs auxilliaries from other races, including the gene-snatching Kroot. The Kroot, in turn, employ species that are genetic offshoots of their own race to use in war, which is what this new cavalry model is riding.

Forge World used to make some excellent Kroot riding huge, terror bird-like Knarlocs, or even larger Great Knarlocs. Those were bipedal creatures, while the new mount is quadrupedal and quite feline in its posture – a new Krootiform xenos.

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Age of Sigmar 2024 teasers

We expect Games Workshop will release Age of Sigmar fourth edition this Summer. No, we don’t have any insider info, but every AoS army has a third edition Battle Tome, and the Dawnbringer supplements are advancing the Age of the Beast narrative to a climax, all sure signs of a new edition. So what can we expect when that new edition comes?

Warhammer Minis 2024 silhouette - Nighthaunt with scythe


A ghost with a big scythe – it’s a Nighthaunt, and it could equally be a character or part of a new unit. There’s not much more to say here, but we have to wonder which sin this Nighthaunt is being ironically punished for. Agricultural malpractice?

Warhammer Minis 2024 silhouette - Stormcast Eternal truthseeker

Stormcast Eternals Truthseeker

This is an enigmatic silhouette, but between its cloak, lantern, and flared glove, we think it closely resembles Truthseeker Xandire, a Stormcast Eternal last seen leading an expedition into the maze of Harrowdeep in the depths of Ulgu, Realm of Shadow. This could be a new character model, even a standalone version of Xandire, or a new unit of cloak-clad Stormcast Eternals Truthseekers.

Warhammer Minis 2024 silhouette - cities of sigmar freeguild pistolier

Cities of Sigmar Pistolier

The Cities of Sigmar have just received a massive range refresh and a brand new Battle Tome, but with a new edition on the way there’s plenty of room for them to get more new models. This stocky soldier is duel-wielding pistols and seems to be pretty well armored. The simplicity of his pose suggests he’s part of a footslogging pistolier unit, rather than a new duellist character.

Warhammer Minis 2024 silhouette - Lumineth bladedancer

Lumineth blade-dancer

This is the trickiest of all the silhouettes to interpret. This leaping figure is so athletic that it’s either a Slaanesh worshipper or an Aelf. Its peculiar hand-scythe weapons are too symmetric to be a Hedonite blade, and too artificial to be either a Sylvaneth spirit weapon or Idoneth coral weapon. So we’re calling this as a Lumineth.

Warhammer Minis 2024 silhouette - Chaos Marauder Horseman

Chaos Marauder Horsemen

At long, long last, a classic Warhammer The Old World kit can go to its rest: this burly, un-armored cavalryman is a new Chaos Marauder Horseman mini. We have to hope that the gurning, shirtless Chaos Marauders on foot get a well deserved retirement at the same time.

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Horus Heresy 2024 teasers

Legions Imperialis may have been the big reveal for the Age of Darkness in 2023, but GW still has to make good on a promise from last year’s Warhammer Fest for a brand new plastic army that should arrive in ‘Winter 2023’. Fortunately, it’s pretty clear what that’s going to be:

Warhammer Minis 2024 silhouette - plastic Solar Auxilia

Plastic Solar Auxilia

Lightweight, all-enclosing body armor in the 31st millennium means one thing – the Solar Auxilia, the finest human infantry the Imperial Army has to offer. This is a massive reveal, as until now the Auxilia have been prohibitively expensive to collect: a horde army only available in Forgeworld resin. We can’t wait for all these new targets for our heavy bolters and volkite culverins.

Warhammer Minis 2024 silhouette - Solar Auxilia sentinel

Solar Auxilia light sentinel

This is a new design that might put you in mind of Adeptus Mechanicus Sydonian Dragoons, but the figure riding this mysterious contraption is clearly armored as a member of the Auxilia. This design is a bit of a call back to the original Rogue Trader sentinel model, a dumpy, egg-shaped vehicle with chicken legs and an oversized multi-laser.

Warhammer Minis 2024 silhouette - Space Marine command squad standard bearer

Legion Command Squad

A Space Marine standing stoically with a banner; this is either a member of a Legion Command squad, or, less likely, a Legion Herald Consul. We’re going with Command Squad because of the way the model is designed. The banner is very flat, and therefore easy to cast in plastic (along with the rest of a command squad). The mini is in MkIII Space Marine armor.

All in all, it’s a tantalising lineup for 2024. If 2023 still feels like a blur, why not check out Wargamer’s Warhammer year in review and see how much of the past year you can remember?