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Warhammer Talent Programme seeks future mini designers

Games Workshop is looking for miniature designers and concept artists who could be future members of the Warhammer model design studio.

Warhammer designer talent programme - a Bruatlis dreadnought, a huge blue war walker with large claws, positioned in front of a triangular rule, - three green ticks and a red cross are placed on top of it

If you are a current or aspiring model designer or concept artist, and you want to learn what designing Warhammer models is really like, now’s your chance – Games Workshop has openings on its Talent Programme. Successful applicants will be set creative challenges by the Warhammer design studio, and will receive professional feedback .

Games Workshop currently has openings in the Citadel Miniatures Designer Talent Programme and Citadel Miniatures Conceptualizer Talent Programme. Being part of either programme means receiving “regular sculpting assignments” and “formal drawing assignments” from the Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar design studios. Once you complete your assignments, you’ll receive “written, objective, professional feedback”.

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You can apply via the Games Workshop careers website until 4pm PST / 7pm EST / Midnight BST on Sunday April 28. Applicants need to supply a portfolio of their work which demonstrates their understanding of what makes a great Warhammer miniature or an inspiring concept piece, but doesn’t specify any particular Warhammer 40k factions or Age of Sigmar armies, humanoids, monsters, or vehicles.

This isn’t a paid opportunity, and is therefore unsuited to anyone who is already producing industry quality work. GW states that “this programme will allow you to find out if this is the right career for YOU”. For Games Workshop, the hopeful outcome of this programme is that, the next time it has a job vacancy for a sculptor or miniature designer, it has at least one suitable candidate.

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High quality critical feedback from current industry professionals is an invaluable tool for developing creative skills, and is particularly valuable for self-taught individuals who have not received structured criticism before. Hopefully, the Talent Programme will provide that for the people who are selected.

Joining the Talent Programme and discovering that a job in Games Workshop wouldn’t be right for you would also be a valuable outcome. The tabletop industry continues to grow despite upsets at major players, 3D printers offer new routes to market for independent designers, and there are plenty of other companies that need creatives – check out our behind the scenes tour of Mantic Games for a deep dive into one such firm.