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Warhammer Cursed City board game to be resurrected this week

Games Workshop announces Warhammer Quest: Cursed City’s new pre-order date and confirms a full release is coming, with expansions

Warhammer Cursed City pre-order-board-and-minis

Games Workshop has announced a date for when its controversially cut-short Warhammer Quest: Cursed City will rise from the grave: Saturday, March 5. According to a Warhammer Community post on Sunday, the co-op board game will be available on a “made to order” basis between March 5 – 20, with a wider retail release predicted for “later this year”, after which “some juicy new expansions” are planned.

“This time stock won’t run out”, Warhammer Community claims – meaning adventurers who missed their chance to take on Radukar the Wolf in April 2021 are getting a guaranteed second wind. Cursed City will also reportedly cost “the same as it did on its first launch day”, so your passage into Ulfenkarn will still cost $199 / £125.

GW estimates the made-to-order copies of Cursed City will arrive by May (though the wait may be longer depending on where you are in the world). The Warhammer Community post also confirms that the game will, after all, have new expansions coming sometime after the full relaunch – something GW already hinted at when it first announced Cursed City’s return in December. When the expansions will arrive and what they’ll include is yet to be announced.

For anyone whose memory is clouded by Dire Bat swarms, Cursed City is an instalment in the Warhammer Quest series, a standalone dungeon-adventure board game series set in the Warhammer universe. Cursed City was originally released in April 2021 – and lasted five days before it sold out worldwide and GW hastily staked any plans to restock.

Warhammer Cursed City pre-order product photo

Fans at the time were left confused by social media posts from GW suggesting Cursed City had always been intended for limited release, and the miniatures from the game later appeared in separate sets with no nod to their origins.

In Cursed City, one to four players take part in a mission-based campaign that will see them slaying bats, rats, skeletons, and vamps across the cursed city of Ulfenkarn – with the aim of taking down the big bad vampire lord Radukar. Notably, Games Workshop says that “you don’t need to be an existing fan [of Warhammer] to play”. Cursed City comes with its own standalone rulebook, questbook, board, and miniatures. Sunday’s announcement, combined with the Warhammer Community hype posts from last year, mean you can see exactly what’s in the Cursed City box before you buy.

If this news hasn’t sated your thirst for Cursed City, check out our first impressions of the game from its original release. The initial launch of Cursed City also seems to say a lot about Games Workshop’s communication strategy.