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GW reveals lightweight Imperial Guard walker for Horus Heresy

The new Hermes light sentinel for the Solar Auxilia is a trim war walker, sporting a range of anti-infantry weapons or light anti tank guns.

Solar Auxilia Hermes light sentinel - a scarcely armored Imperial Guard war walker

Games Workshop has revealed a new vehicle kit for Warhammer the Horus Heresy, the Hermes light sentinel. This lightweight war walker is part of the new, plastic Solar Auxilia range, the Warhammer 30k` equivalent of the Imperial Guard.

Games Workshop previewed the new model in a Warhammer Community post on Thursday. So far, no release date or price has been announced for the kit, which will contain the parts to build two sentinels. This follows the reveal of a new plastic Solar Auxilia range at the Las Vegas Open in January, the first non-Space Marine army to be available for the Horus Heresy in plastic.

According to the WarCom post, the Hermes light sentinel can be built in two configurations. The default configuration (shown in the header image) is fast and barely armored. It can be armed with a multi-laser, or a Hermes grenade launcher that “can even threaten armoured tanks… vulnerable sides and rear”.

Two pictures of a Solar Auxilia Hermes Incursus sentinel - a moderately armored Imperial Guard war walker with a flamethrower and a heatray

There’s also the Hermes Incursus sub-pattern, which is slightly better armored and slightly slower. This walker fights alongside elite Veletaris formations, and supports their high-intensity engagements with infantry-demolishing volkite caliver heat rays, or heavy flamers.

Solar Auxilia Hermes Incursus sentinel - a moderately armored Imperial Guard war walker with a flamethrower

According to the article, the two Hermes variants can be fielded in squadrons of up to six models, in either the Elite or Fast Attack slots – we suspect that the Hermes Incursus is Elites, while the regular Hermes is Fast Attack.

YouTube Thumbnail

Games Workshop states that the Hermes, and the previously revealed Aethon Heavy Sentinel, will get rules in the upcoming Battle for Beta Garmon campaign book.

Though it’s stomping about on two legs, it’s not going to be an indomitable mainline bruiser like a Space Marine dreadnought. A combination of a single heavy weapon, high movement speed, and light armor, suggests the Hermes will fill a similar role to scimitar jetbikes: maneuvrable fire support and objective grabbers.

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