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GW is reissuing a legendary Oldhammer mini, the Marauder Giant

The towering retro miniature is part of the Orc and Goblin line, and is returning to Warhammer: the Old World on a made to order basis.

Oldhammer Marauder Giant - a humanoid figure holding a treetrunk as a club, wearing garish, patchwork clothing

Games Workshop has revealed its plans for Warhammer: The Old World Orc and Goblin releases, and there’s a treat for Oldhammer miniature collectors in there – the Marauder Giant is coming back into production on a limited, made-to-order basis.

Warhammer: The Old World released on Saturday, with Tomb Kings and the Kingdom of Bretonnia the first Old World factions to receive new miniatures. Games Workshop also revealed its plans for the Orc and Goblin tribes miniature range. While much of it was to be expected – lots of returning plastic kits, a couple of new characters, and remasters of relatively recent characters in metal and resin – the news that the Marauder Giant would be returning was not.

To give some context for the snotlings in the audience, the Marauder Giant was sculpted by Aly Morrison and released in 1990. Although the giant was always cast by Games Workshop’s Citadel Miniatures, Marauder Miniatures was actually a separate company owned by Aly and Trish Morrison, until it was absorbed in 1993. You can learn more about Marauder Miniatures in the video by OldHammered, below:

YouTube Thumbnail

The Marauder giant has been out of production since the late 90s, when it was replaced by a pot-bellied Orc and Goblins giant. Original castings sell for around $150 (£120) via eBay, and they’re in short supply.

We don’t yet know when the Made to Order window for this mini will be open. The model will be returning in metal, and – if you’re considering ordering one but you’ve never built a large metal monster before – we advise you to pick up a rotary power tool and some brass rod to pin the components together, as well as some soothing music to listen to when everything goes wrong.

Warhammer: The Old World bonegrinder giant, a huge humanoid monster wielding part of a trebuchet as a flail, covered in patchwork clothing

It’s not the only giant returning to production. The colossal Bonegrinder Giant by Forge World is also coming back into production, a resin miniature that’s even larger than the already massive Sons of Behemat Mega-Gargants. This scale of kit benefits from steel bolts, rather than brass rod, in its construction.

Can’t wait for the Warhammer: The Old World release to get your hands on some chunky giants? Check out this article on the monsters from Conquest, which – in the larger 38mm scale – are appropriately beastly. Or check out our guide to DnD miniature ranges, which all have a fine selection of giant giants.