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Warhammer: The Old World “one of the first releases for 2024”

GW narrowed down the launch window for Warhammer: the Old World after revealing new miniatures for the Bretonnian faction on Warhammer Day.

Warhammer the Old World Bretonnian Hero on Pegasus

Warhammer the Old World will be “one of the first releases for 2024″, according to Warhammer Community manager Eddie Eccles. Eccles made the revelation at the end of a Warhammer Day preview stream, which gave details of the launch lineup for the Kingdom of Bretonnia faction.

This is the most specific information yet about the Warhammer: The Old World release date. Wargamer tentatively predicts that Warhammer: the Old World will release in February, since a January launch would dampen sales amid the funk of post-holiday bills.

While there was no more information about the release date, the presentation did reveal new miniatures for the Bretonnia Warhammer: The Old World faction, and details of which older kits will be returning to production.

Here’s all the confirmed new Warhammer: The Old World Bretonnia kits:

Hero on Pegasus

This multipart plastic kit can be constructed either as a Duke or Baron, noble leaders of the Bretonnian army. There’s also an option to construct a model as the Battle Standard Bearer, a convenient way to move this important aura ability around the battlefield.

Warhammer The Old World bretonnian footknights - closeup of heavily armed and armored knights in ornate armor

Knights of the Realm on Foot

Not every Knight can afford a steed. Knights of the Realm on foot have to footslog, but they are at least clad in heavy armor. They can be armed with sword and shield, or a huge two-handed axe-halberd we assume is a great weapon. According to Eccles, the kit will come with additional parts which can be used interchangeably with some of the returning plastic kits.

Warhammer The Old World Bretonnian handmaiden of the Lady - a hovering woman in a green gown

Handmaiden of the Lady

While men are forbidden to use magic in Bretonnia, the same taboo does not extend to women. Sometimes noble daughters disappear in the company of fey creatures, returning with the gift of magic. This is a resin miniature and a magic-using hero for the Bretonnian army.

Returning kits

The presentation confirmed that the following classic kits would be returning to production, in some cases in new materials. Eccles added that a few others, as yet unrevealed, would also be part of the launch lineup.

Unit Material
Knights of the Realm Plastic
Men at Arms Plastic
Peasant Bowmen Plastic
Field Trebuchet Forgeworld Resin
Pegasus Knights Plastic

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