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Mantic teases new epic scale terrain for upcoming game Warpath

The new, teeny-tiny modular buildings will let you build truly epic scale battlefields for Warpath, Legions Imperialis or Dropzone Commander.

Epic scale terrain for Warpath , a selection of three buildings, positioned around a banana

Mantic Games has previewed new epic scale terrain kits for modular buildings, that will first be available as rewards in a Kickstarter launching this year. The crowdfunding campaign for Mantic’s small scale wargame Warpath will launch on February 14, though delivery dates for rewards aren’t yet confirmed.

Warpath will be approximately 10mm scale, with models for the Space Marine-sized Enforcers measuring 12mm tall. As well as Warpath, the terrain should fit perfectly into games like TTCombat’s Dropzone Commander or Games Workshop’s Legions Imperialis.

Epic scale terrain for Warpath - three model multistorey buildings

The new terrain kits will actually be an evolution of an existing range, Troublemaker Games’ modular buildings. Mantic states in the blog post announcing the range that it is collaborating with the original sculptor, Ben Skinner – who has already worked on several Mantic ranges – to add additional components that will match Mantic’s existing 28mm scale sci-fi buildings.

Epic scale terrain for Warpath - three tiles with industrial scifi detailing

The original Troublemaker Games sculpts are very gothic, while Mantic’s style is a little more Blade Runner, so the new components should offer some interesting diversity for players who already own some of these kits.

Epic scale terrain for Warpath - a model factory, ada dish, and apartment block

Warpath is set in Mantic’s own sci-fi universe. The Kickstarter launches with models for four factions, the elite Enforcers, mutated Plague, ancient alien Asterians, and space dwarf Forge Fathers (who got models in 28mm scale years before Games Workshop brought out the Leagues of Votann), and potentially more to come if the Kickstarter exceeds its funding goals.

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Warpath is set to be extremely lethal, with no system for tracking wounds on units – once a unit is injured, it’s off the board. That makes terrain, and buildings in particular, an important part of the battlefield: Mantic states that garrisoning a building grants a unit cover, additional armor, and inflicts penalties on enemies attempting to charge into melee. No word yet on whether buildings can be blown up, though.

In case you can’t tell, we’re big fans of little buildings. If you want to get a headstart making tiny buildings for massive battles, check the recommendations in our Legions Imperialis terrain guide.