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There’s a What Do You Meme? for Christians now

A Christian-friendly version of popular card game What Do You Meme? is doing gangbusters on Kickstarter right now and seems sure to evoke saintly snickers.

What Do You Meme Christian version

What happens when you take a card game known for its explicit content, and convert it to Christianity? Well it appears what you get is The Christian Meme Game, a holier version of What Do You Meme? (which is essentially Cards Against Humanity with pictures) that launched on Kickstarter earlier this week.

Created by Dakota Yates, a man from San Francisco, California, The Christian Meme Game takes the concept of Jerry Media’s easy card game What Do You Meme?, and replaces all the cards with Christianity-friendly jokes. In the game, players must assign captions to memes to make each other laugh.

The game’s trailer explains that Yates would have to censor a lot of the caption cards when playing What Do You Meme? with his family. “Why can’t we combine this game concept with Christian culture and create a game that’s actually fun and believer friendly?” he asked.

What Do You Meme Christian version box

Believe it or not, that’s apparently a desire shared by hundreds, as in the three days since it went up on Kickstarter on October 10, The Christian Meme Game has shot past its target. It’s raised $10,000 at time of writing.

It appears Yates is thinking big, and the card game already has a whopping four expansion packs in the works. The Christian Dating pack makes fun of the “hilarity and awkwardness of dating as a Christian”, the Scripture captions pack adds more Bible-based captions, and the animals photo expansion… has lots of photos of animals to meme on. The Kickstarter also offers its highest backers the chance to become a meme themselves in an upcoming player created photo pack.

The Christian Meme Game will apparently be shipped anywhere in the world. It is expected to arrive in the hands of backers by January 2024.

At Wargamer, we definitely find that the shock value of games like Cards Against Humanity and What do you Meme can wear off pretty quickly, though we tend to reach for these family board games or kids’ board games when we’re looking for clean tabletop fun that can be enjoyed by all age groups.