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Where to buy Pokémon cards

If you're wondering where to buy Pokémon cards, we've got some recommendations for you that will help you find those rare cards and complete your collection

If you want to be the ultimate Pokémon TCG collector, you’re going to need to know where to buy Pokémon cards. Whether you enjoy the old fashioned joy of opening up a booster pack and being treated to a random selection of cards, or you prefer to methodically buy each individual card, we have some guidance for you.

Knowing where to buy Pokémon cards can be a bit tricky, because there are a lot of fake Pokémon cards in circulation around the internet and you don’t want to fill your card albums with forgeries. For this reason, we’ve selected a couple of online retailers that we recommend for anybody who wants to grow their Pokémon card collection.

Some of us love Pokémon cards because of the beautiful pieces of artwork that you find printed on each and every one of them, while others might be hoping to build the perfect deck so that they can dominate in competitive Pokémon TCG arenas. Either way, the following retailers are going to be useful for every type of Pokémon card fan.

We’ve broken things down into two sections:

  • Where to buy Pokémon cards individually
  • Where to buy Pokémon booster boxes
Browse Pokémon Cards

Where to buy Pokémon cards individually

If there’s that one card you’ve been trying to get your hands on for years, then we recommend using the Pokémon Singles Search tool from TCGplayer. This allows you to search Pokémon cards by name, or even by the card description.

If you’re not looking for one specific Pokémon card, there are countless other options. You can search through individual cards based on any of the following criteria.

  • The set it comes from
  • Different printings
  • Rarity
  • HP (with adjustable ranges)
  • Energy type
  • Card type
  • Retreat cost
  • Price (with adjustable parameters)

This could come in particularly handy for anybody who wants to build the ultimate deck.

Where to buy Pokémon booster boxes

If you prefer to buy Pokémon booster boxes, you can also find them for sale on TCGplayer, but it’s just one of many options available to you. Even Amazon sells Pokémon booster boxes, but you will, of course, be limited to the whichever sets are currently in circulation. Here are a few options for the latest expansions:

We hope this has been a handy resource for any Pokémon TCG fans. It’ll hopefully make the job of finding the shiny Pokémon cards four thousand times easier than finding the shiny Pokémon in the games.

If you’re a fan of the game, you might also want to read our articles on the best Pokémon cards, and on some of the rarest Pokémon cards. There have been some really amazing cards printed over the years.