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World of Tanks studio gives $100k to Ukraine disaster victims

Wargaming says it’s donating four million UAH to provide lifeboats, firefighting gear, and more after an explosion destroyed the Kakhovka dam in Ukraine.

World of Tanks Wargaming HPP donation - gameplay image of a tank in snow

Wargaming, the studio behind World of Tanks, announced on June 14 it would donate four million UAH (around $100,000) to victims of a hydroelectric power plant disaster in Ukraine. The dam at Kakhovka HPP was destroyed on June 6, and the subsequent flooding is predicted to impact tens of thousands of people. Wargaming’s HPP donation will be made through United24, a charity run by the Ukrainian government to support the country during the Russo-Ukrainian war.

“These funds will be used to purchase gear and equipment for rescue operations in the region”, Wargaming says in a press release from Wednesday. This apparently includes “lifeboats and rafts, motor pumps, excavators, bulldozers and cranes, firefighting gear, diving suits, containment booms, portable water filtration stations, and sorbent”.

World of Tanks Wargaming HPP donation infographic

“Wargaming team admires the volunteers and Ukrainian services that have been saving people and animals in the first days of the disaster”, the press release continues. “With the donation, we want to aid those who were affected and add financial resources that will help to eliminate the consequences caused by the destruction of the power plant.” “We stand with Ukrainian people in the most difficult times”, Wargaming adds.

Wargaming was originally founded in Belarus in 1998. However, the company closed its Belarus headquarters in 2022, announcing it “will not own or operate any businesses in Russia and Belarus”. The move came not long after Wargaming fired a creative director for speaking in support of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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