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Zombicide board game reveals 15 minis of Iron Maiden mascot

CMON has created Iron Maiden character packs for Zombicide and other board games, featuring fifteen different versions of the metal band's Eddie mascot

Zombicide - Iron maiden Eddie miniatures, painted

Board game publisher CMON is releasing character packs featuring heavy metal legend Iron Maiden’s iconic undead mascot Eddie in miniature form. Featuring 15 minis in total, and a ton of cards and other material, these packs will allow you to insert Eddie as friend or foe into any version of Zombicide you happen to own – not to mention a bunch of other CMON games. It’s a collaboration that only makes sense. After all, what is more heavy metal than board games?

In Friday’s stream announcing the pack, CMON senior producer Thiago Aranha explains that the initial plan was to acquire the licence to create an Eddie character for Zombicide 2nd edition. But the concept grew and grew, incorporating all the different versions of Eddie that Iron Maiden has created over the years, from cyborg to Egyptian pharoah.

CMON has created three Iron Maiden packs in total, two featuring six miniatures each, and one with two larger figures: Wicker Eddie and Fear of the Dark Eddie. The whole lot can also be grabbed in a bundle sold at $66.60 / £58.90 (the spookiest price). The final mini CMON created is the original Eddie, which is available as a bonus to those who preorder the bundle.

Whilst almost all the various Eddies work with Zombicide second edition, the packs as a whole contain content for every edition of Zombicide, as well as Rising Sun, Ankh: Gods of Egypt, Cthulhu: Death my Die, and Massive Darkness 2.

CMON’s Iron Maiden packs are available to preorder now from CMON’s website. However you won’t be able to get your hands on them this Halloween – on the CMON website it says shipping will be in June 2023.

The board game company regularly releases character packs featuring new crossovers for Zombicide. In the past, its released minis of everything from The Boys to Thundercats. It’s a crowded apocalypse!