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Winter is coming to medieval Zombicide board game

CMON announces Zombicide: White Death, a sequel to the medieval fantasy version of the Zombicide board game, which will be its next Kickstarter

Zombicide Black Plague cover showing medieval warriors

Zombicide publisher CMON has revealed its latest board game Kickstarter project. It’s Zombicide: White Death, a sequel to the fantasy spinoff version of Zombicide with a new wintery theme.

A co-op board game all about mowing down moaning hordes of undead, Zombicide is well-known for giving rise to countless shambling legions of spin-offs, from the Marvel board game Marvel Zombies, to the wild west variant Zombicide: Undead or Alive.

There are currently two medieval fantasy Zombicides. The first, Zombicide Black Plague introduced the concept in 2016 – of fighting off the zombles as your typical DnD party. The second, Zombicide Green Horde, added undead orcs and goblins to the game, and came out in 2018.

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Clearly, CMON is keeping the colour theme for White Death, the third installment in this series. The two previous boxes were standalone games but compatible with one another, but there’s no word yet on if this is the case for the new game.

CMON has released a trailer alongside the Zombicide: White Death announcement, but the company has yet to provide a clue when its Kickstarter will commence.

We have to say – undead, medieval fantasy, winter, it all puts us in mind of the White Walkers. If you found yourself wishing this was a Song of Ice and Fire tie-in title, you can check out the best Game of Thrones board games here.