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Get a $100 discount on a top-rated, superfast 3D printer

There’s a 25% discount on the Flashforge Adventurer 5M, a high speed, large volume FDM printer that’s perfect for big models and wargames terrain.

Adventurer 5M 3D printer - a black cubic model with a red statue of an iguana inside

Flashforge is offering a $100 coupon for the Adventurer 5M 3D printer on Amazon, knocking the price down to $299. Released in October 2023, and with an average user rating of four and a half stars, it’s a big discount on a well-thought of machine.

The Adventurer 5M is an FDM 3D printer – if you’re not familiar with the different kinds of printer, it works by melting and squeezing out layers of plastic. It’s cheaper, faster, and cleaner than a resin 3D printer, though it has a lower resolution too, making it suitable for very large DnD miniatures and particularly for wargames terrain.

To get the discount, go to Amazon and look for the “apply coupon” button on the Adventurer 5M listing. You’ll need to check it before adding the printer to your cart.

The Adventurer 5M is Flashforge’s offering in the high-speed enclosed FDM printer product bracket. It has an impressive print volume of 8.66 inches (220mm) a side, so you can print some serious scenery very quickly. Setting the machine up only requires you to unfasten the build plate and install the filament reel, as the machine performs its own calibration.

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Professional reviews of the Adventurer 5M, and its big brother the 5M Pro, have praised the hardware quality, build volume, price, and speed at which it prints. A lot of reviews call the basic 5M out for being very noisy, so it’s something that will need to live in a workshop rather than on your desktop.

Some reviewers have criticised the way that Flashforge locks down the firmware on the printer. This means that users can’t modify their machines, and they’re potentially exposed to any errors that Flashforge might make, were it to release bad firmware updates. Ricky Impey calls it “the best 3D printer that I won’t use”, while Fauxhammer calls it “the best FDM printer you won’t buy”.

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This probably isn’t suited to experienced 3D printer hobbyists, but it could be a very good fit for wargamers and DnD DMs who are more interested in getting results fast than in optimising their printer.

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