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Get a cheap 3D printer in Amazon Prime Big Deal Day sale

Whether you want to get your first FDM printer, upgrade to a resin printer, or just need resin and filament, check out these Amazon Prime Big Deals.

Amazon Prime Big Deal Day 3D printer sale - Mars 4 3D printer

Amazon is running the Prime Big Deal Day sale for current Amazon Prime subscribers on October 10 and 11, with discounts of up to 40% on thousands of products. It’s a great opportunity to pick up expensive items and hardware at a discount. Since there’s lots to look through, we’ve scoured the sale for the best Amazon Prime Big Deal Day 3D printer deals.

We’ve picked items that either appear on our guide to the best 3D printers for miniatures, or have a similar model from the same manufacturer on that guide. There’s much more than just printers on sale, of course, so check out our guide to the best Prime Big Deal Day board game bargains.

Amazon Prime Big Deal Day 3D printer sale - Neptune 3 Pro FDM printer

Elegoo Neptune 3 Pro

A fantastic budget FDM printer

The Neptune range has been the budget FDM printer to beat for some time. While not the most recent, the Elegoo Neptune 3 Pro is a fantastic entry, with handy quality of life features like auto-bed levelling and a magnetic build plate that’s easy to seat and remove. The faster Neptune Pro 4 is also in the sale, though the discount isn’t as good.

Amazon Prime Big Deal Day 3D printer sale - Ankermake M5C FDM printer

AnkerMake M5C

A reliable, easy to use FDM printer

If you want an FDM printer that just works, again and again, and requires very little setup, look no further than the AnkerMake M5C. This is an all-rounder that succeeds at everything it aims to do: it’s easy to use, requires little to no setup, is reliable, fast, and effective. While FDM printing cannot achieve the same fidelity in prints as resin printing, editor Alex has been able to make surprisingly detailed miniatures with a review sample of the (slightly larger) M5 sent by AnkerMake.

Amazon Prime Big Deal Day 3D printer sale - Mars 4 3D printer

Elegoo Mars 4

A huge discount on an excellent resin printer

Elegoo has been making excellent resin 3D printers for years now. The Elegoo Mars 4 is the latest in their line of “standard” sized resin printers, which doesn’t mean they’re small – 3D sculptors tend to design their minis to be printed on a machine this size. Editor Alex is testing a review sample of the Mars 4 provided by Elegoo, and keeps making happy noises about it.

Amazon Prime Big Deal Day 3D printer sale - Saturn 3 Ultra resin printer

Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra

For huge resin prints

With a build volume of 218x122x260mm and an insane 12k resolution, the Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra can produce vast, centerpiece models in a single build plate. This is more than most people will ever need, but if you want to print large busts, monsters, or vehicles, this could save you printing time and prep work.

Amazon Prime Big Deal Day 3D printer sale- AnyCubic Wash and Cure Plus

AnyCubic Wash and Cure Plus

A wash and cure station that can accommodate big builds

If you resin print you’ll know how time consuming and unpleasant cleaning up prints can be. The AnyCubic Wash and Cure Plus station does just what it says on the tin – it lets you wash off uncured resin in a solvent bath, then fully cure your prints under UV lights. I use this model myself, and its been working brilliantly – the smaller version is also available in the prime sale.

Amazon Prime Big Deal Day 3D printer sale - Anycubic standard resin

AnyCubic standard resin

Quality resin at a low price

While there are a variety of 3D printing resins available with different properties for different uses cases, standard 3D printer resin is all you need for printing miniatures. The Prime Day sale offers AnyCubic standard resin at a great price – stock up.

Amazon Prime Big Deal Day 3D printer sale - dual colored PLA filament

AMOLEN dual color filament

Beautiful PLA filament

While we expect that our readers usually paint the miniatures they print, we want to call out the AMOLEN dual color filament as a fun alternative that speaks to our inner magpie. A variety of different color pairings are available, letting you print iridescent color-shifting objects, whether as display pieces or utility items for your home or work.

If you’re considering getting your first 3D printer, make sure you read our guide on how to 3D print miniatures so you can get started with the minimum fuss and the fastest results.