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Baldur’s Gate 3 fan shows dedication with a hand-made doormat

This dialogue doormat is one of the more unusual bits of Baldur’s Gate 3 fan art we’ve seen, but it’s a critical success for creativity.

Baldur's Gate 3 character Astarion in the foreground and a doormat in the background

Baldur’s Gate 3 fans have found numerous ways to show their love for the videogame, but the BG3 doormat is the most unique fan art we’ve seen. Shared on social media by creator Kyleigh Hernandez on October 23, the mat offers visitors dialogue options before they knock on the Hernandez family’s front door.

“You arrive at a house”, says the doormat. “As you approach, you notice dog hair, children’s toys, and a sign with a last name on it – Hernandez.” “A family must live here.”

Visitors have five options presented to them. Sure, they could knock like a normal person (option one). But they could also roll Investigation, asking “Is anyone home?” – or they could test their Deception by claiming to have a delivery. An Intimidation roll threatens to kick the door down, and there’s even an Illithid option where anyone with Mind Flayer powers can will the door open.

Baldur's Gate 3 doormat Facebook post by Kyleigh Hernandez

(For complete immersion, we reckon keeping some cheap DnD dice on hand to see if the chosen roll is successful. Though your relatives may have something to say if you refuse them entry on a natural one).

Hernandez isn’t selling doormats right now, but they tell a Baldur’s Gate 3 Facebook group they’re looking into starting an Etsy store. For now, they’ve had to watermark their original image to prevent others from selling the original design.

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