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Baldur’s Gate 3 trailer puts Minsc and Boo back in action

Baldur’s Gate 3 publisher Larian Studios looks like it might revive D&D darlings Minsc and Boo in its next announcement for the CRPG

Baldur's gate 3 Minsc and Boo teaser - Wizards of the Coast art of Minsc and Boo

December 09 A new Larian trailer confirms Minsc and Boo will be in Baldur’s Gate 3: check it out in our Baldur’s Gate 3 release date guide.

Minsc and Boo, two of D&D’s most beloved heroes, have been spotted in a new teaser trailer from Baldur’s Gate 3 publisher Larian Studios. A video of the miniature giant space hamster and his beloved Ranger was shared on Larian’s social media pages on December 5, along with the command to “watch the reveal” at the 2022 Game Awards this Thursday.

You can watch the full trailer below:

YouTube Thumbnail

The heroic statue in the video has a bit of backstory to it. It’s known as ‘the Beloved Ranger’, and it was placed in the upper city of Baldur’s Gate by a merchant Minsc had once rescued in the year 1409 DR. Everyone in the city thought this was a carved tribute to Minsc and Boo, but the hunk of rock really was the actual heroes, trapped by petrification magic.

What we might be seeing in Larian’s trailer is the moment the heroes are freed. A surge of magic strikes the statue, causing Minsc’s eyes to glow. This seems like a possible hint that the duo will be making an appearance in Larian’s latest Baldur’s Gate game.

Baldur's Gate 3 Minsc and Boo teaser tweet from Larian Studios

There’s also plenty of speculation that the Baldur’s Gate 3 release date will finally be announced. The CRPG has been in early access since October 2020. The latest patch is expected sometime in December, and Larian promised in a November update that we could learn more about the full game’s 2023 in a Panel From Hell before Christmastime. Whatever the news is at this year’s Game Awards, it seems to coincide nicely with these expected updates.

The Game Awards 2022 will be livestreamed on Thursday, December 8 at 7:30pm ET/ Friday, December 9, at 12:30am GMT. For more on Baldur’s Gate 3, check out our guides to the best Baldur’s Gate 3 classes and Baldur’s Gate 3 mods.