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Playtesters get to glimpse the next acts of Baldur’s Gate 3

Larian are looking for Baldur’s Gate 3 playtesters to trial Act 2 and Act 3 of the D&D videogame, but the tests take place in person

Baldur's Gate 3 playtesters - a Barbarian woman holding an axe who has short brown hair, white skin, and brown armour

Baldur’s Gate 3 developer Larian is looking for playtesters of all experience levels to check out the next acts of the DnD videogame, it has emerged. If playing a Gnome Bard in the latest patch wasn’t enough new content for you, you could be eligible for a sneak peek at what’s next for the game – provided you’re over 18 and fit Larian’s criteria.

According to the website, all potential playtesters need is “a love for RPGs; fluent reading and writing comprehension in English; commitment to at least one full day of playtesting, to be done in-person at one of our offices; the ability to generate clear and concise feedback; commitment to a non-disclosure agreement”.

It’s not clear how long the call for playtesters has been open, but YouTuber Kazuliski first shared news of the opportunity on July 21. Digital archive Wayback Machine dates the page on Larian’s website as appearing on July 16. Wargamer has contacted Larian for more details but at press time has not received a response.

This isn’t a paid professional role at Larian, but successful applicants will get their hands on content from acts two and three of the game early. Larian also offers compensation depending on the length and location of your playtest, which reportedly could include “cash, gift cards, game keys, and merchandise”.

This is an in-person playtesting opportunity, so applications will be limited to those who can reach one of Larian’s offices. These are found in Gent (Belgium), Quebec (Canada), Barcelona (Spain), and Selangor (Malaysia).

If this is sounding like your bag so far, Larian offers a few extra tips for its ideal playtesters. Larian says it loves playtesters who are “vocal about their opinions, positive or negative”, and individuals who “are driven to contribute to the experience of [Larian’s] games” are also desirable.

Baldur's Gate 3 playtesters - the character creation screen showing a Tiefling Warlock

The application itself is a short series of questions that Larian estimates take ten minutes to complete. “We want to know a bit about your gaming habits and preferences, your experience with Dungeons & Dragons, and a little about you”, it says. “If you don’t hear back right away, don’t fret — we’ll reach out if we have a test coming up that you’re eligible for.”

You can sign up as a playester on Larian’s website. You can also find Kazuliski’s news video on their YouTube channel.

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