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The best Blood Bowl minis return in 10-day made-to-order run

Games Workshop's best Blood Bowl models bar none - the Orc cheerleaders - go on sale on a made to order basis for ten days next month.

Best Blood Bowl models Made to order cheerleaders - Games Worskhop image of the Orc cheerleaders, blurred, overlaid on a dark screenshot from the videogame Blood Bowl 3

If you play a Greenskins Blood Bowl team, or simply enjoy the uniquely threatening yet endearing idea of Warhammer Fantasy orcs dressed in patchwork cheer outfits, we have wonderful news! The best Blood Bowl minis we know – the Orc Cheerleaders squad known as ‘The Waaaghs’ – is going back on sale as made-to-order minis for ten days from the end of December.

Announced by GW via the Warhammer Community website on Tuesday, this round of made-to-order Blood Bowl models also includes three other previously out of production Forge World resin cheerleader kits: the Human ‘Reaverettes’; the Chaos ‘Damned Damsels’; and the Dark Elf ‘Night Terrors’. But, for our money, the lovely Orcish ladies steal the show.

Best Blood Bowl models Made to order cheerleaders - Games Worskhop image of the Orc cheerleaders overlaid on a dark screenshot from the videogame Blood Bowl 3

Besides them, two kits will be up for order that you could previously only get at GW events or Warhammer World: the Halfling & Goblin Referees, and the Chaos Mutated Minotaur.

As usual with Games Workshop’s ‘Made to Order’ programme, these models will be available to order only within a set time window: you can order them from 5am ET / 2am PT / 10am GMT on Saturday, December 23 until 3am ET / 8am GMT on Tuesday, January 2 (that’s midnight, Monday, January 1 Pacific Time).

GW’s Tuesday article also shares a 17-page Blood Bowl November 2023 update PDF, including 11 pages of designers’ commentary Q&A clarifying various gameplay loopholes; four pages of formal rules errata correcting stuff; and the latest tier lists for Blood Bowl teams and special mega-star characters. There are no tier list changes in this update, for the record.

An ultra-violent fantasy football bonanza played by Warhammer The Old World factions, Blood Bowl is almost certainly the most unhinged, shark-jumping, and un-serious of Warhammer tabletop games – so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that some of our favorite Blood Bowl minis aren’t even the players. It’s rather on-brand, in fact, for such a joyously ridiculous spin-off of GW’s more serious miniature wargames.

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As a second or third tier game within the Warhammer firmament, GW doesn’t show off new or returning Blood Bowl minis all too often. The last reveal was the new Vampires team The Drakfang Thirsters, which was released to sale at the end of September and is currently out of stock in the Warhammer webstore.

In other Warhammer news, an official John Blanche biography is coming out soon to celebrate the legendary artist’s 40-year stint with GW; we’ve got fresh details on the Warhammer The Old World rules; and December’s in-store free Warhammer model is really, really tiny.

If you’re more a fan of Warhammer Fantasy Battle than the new-fangled Age of Sigmar armies, keep your eye on our guide to the Warhammer The Old World release date – we’ll update that the minute we know for sure when it’s coming; and we reckon it can’t be too much longer.