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Is this Games Workshop’s smallest ever free Warhammer model?

Games Workshop's new in-store free Warhammer model for December is a single Legions Imperialis Space Marine Rhino that's just 15mm tall.

Warhammer Legions Imperialis free Warhammer model - Games Workshop image of a Legions Imperialis Rhino model painted in Death Guard colors, next to a wargamer photo of the model measured in calipers

We know, we know, free stuff is always good, and size isn’t everything – but Games Workshop’s in-store free Warhammer model for December might be the smallest one the firm has ever given away.

The free ‘Miniature of the Month’, available in Warhammer stores from Saturday, December 2, is a single Space Marine Rhino transport for Legions Imperialis, GW’s brand new, down-scaled miniature wargame for fighting massive battles in the Horus Heresy civil war setting.

Measuring 1.4 inches (35mm) long, about one inch (24mm) wide, and just 0.6 inches (15mm) high, it’s properly teeny. It’s only just over one third as tall as a Primaris Space Marine intercessor; and, if you laid that intercessor down flat on his back alongside this tiny baby APC, the rhino’s entire length would only just reach his shoulder pads.

Warhammer Legions Imperialis free Warhammer model - Wargamer photo of the Legions Imperialis Space Marine rhino model measured in calipers

Still; you do get to pick up the Rhino mini free from your local store starting Saturday (as long as stocks last) – so if you’re quick, it’s an easy way to try out painting miniatures at a much smaller scale than the regular Warhammer 40k factions and Age of Sigmar armies you may be used to.

Warhammer Legions Imperialis free Warhammer model - Wargamer photo of the Legions Imperialis Space Marine rhino model measured in calipers

Per Monday’s Warhammer Community article, Saturday, December 2 is also the official Warhammer 40k Legions Imperialis release date, so you can pre-order the starter box now – and, as it happens, that box has no rhinos, so this dinky little freebie is worth nabbing alongside it if you can.

GW’s also knocked up a handy painting tutorial video you can watch below, if you fancy doing it up in Heresy era Death Guard colours – though that does involve pledging yourself to Mortarion, the bug-winged traitor primarch of Nurgle, as well as the arch-traitor himself, Warmaster Horus Lupercal.

YouTube Thumbnail

If you’re not yet decided on whether to dip into GW’s new (sort of) Epic scale wargame, check out our comprehensive Legions Imperialis review by Tim Linward (who’s been waiting for this release for a long time).

If you do buy in, we’d strongly recommend following our Legions Imperialis build guide, as it contains some invaluable tips and tricks to help you deal with these much smaller models, from unboxing to a fully painted army.

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