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The best sex dice and sex dice games

Playful and fun, these sex dice and sex dice games will get things rolling in the bedroom once more

Sex dice. Is there anything sexier than dice? Those smooth edges; the tactile feel of them between your fingertips; the erotic, clickedy-clackedy noise they make as they roll across your tabletop. Phwoar.

We kid, of course, and swear we’re not into board games in that sense. But if you’re looking for a way to spice up your love life, to bring some fun back into the bedroom, then sex dice can be a great tool in your arsenal. They provide instant spontaneity. If things between you and your partner are getting a bit staid, a bit stale, why not try getting fate involved and leaving everything up to a roll of the (sex) dice?

Just like with sex board games, there are loads of different kinds of sex dice out there, in all shapes and sizes (mainly square). Whether you want something simple, like rolling for foreplay or for positions; or more elaborate, like a full-on sex dice game (what better than a battle of wits to get your heart racing?) we’ve got you covered. Just remember love’s not a competition.

Now check out the best sex dice and get ready to roll:

  • The Best Sex Dice Game Ever
  • Naughty Game
  • Lovehoney Oh! Foreplay Dice
  • Loopy

The best sex dice: The best sex dice game ever

The Best Sex Dice Game ever

Pack it up everyone, this list is done. We’ve found ‘The Best Sex Dice Game Ever’. Apparently what that looks like is a game a bit like Yahtzee, except you’re rolling ‘kisses’, not numbers. Aww. Oh, and sex acts.

The dice in this game stand out from many other sex dice for their kind of tasteful imagery (you don’t wanna know the things we’ve seen while writing this), and the production value overall looks pretty high. There’s a felt-lined roller and everything – very sexy.

The rules seem pretty simple, but with sex dice games that’s probably for the best. If someone has to start thumbing through a rulebook, then your chances at a night of passion are probably already over.

The Best Sex Dice Game Ever The Best Sex Dice Game Ever The Best Sex Dice Game Ever Amazon $22.99 $14.99 Buy now! Network N earns commission from qualifying purchases via Amazon Associates and other programs.The best sex dice: naughty game

Naughty Game

The rather generically titled ‘Naughty Game’ is as straightforward as it gets with sex dice. It’s quite simply a set of two dice. One tells you what you’ll be getting up to, the other tells you where you’ll be doing it. That’s the what and the where sorted, the who is up to you. Some sex dice break the art of lovemaking into separate acts, but these don’t bother with all that, just skipping straight to positions.

The packaging is very odd, we must admit. You’d more easily associate it with a microwavable ready meal than something that holds the key to future bliss. However, that also describes the price tag for these sex dice. At $3.82 / £2.89 there’s nothing to lose.

The best sex dice: lovehoney oh! foreplay dice

Lovehoney Oh! Foreplay Dice

This set of sex dice really puts the play into foreplay. Like most of the dice in this oeuvre, you roll two at a time, one for the body part, and one for the action. Simply follow the instructions, or roll again until you get something both you and your partner will enjoy.

“But there are three dice!” we hear you cry. Ah, that’s where the Oh! Foreplay Dice stand out from the crowd. You see, while the action die remains the same each time, there are two dice determining body part, one labelled ‘Romantic’, the other ‘Erotic’, (which, as you probably guessed, contains the more rude body bits). That means you’ve got some control over an evening’s proceedings. You won’t get your partner all worked up and then have to stop and tickle their ears or something.

Lovehoney Oh! Adult Foreplay Dice Lovehoney Oh! Adult Foreplay Dice Lovehoney Oh! Adult Foreplay Dice Amazon $7.99 Buy now Network N earns commission from qualifying purchases via Amazon Associates and other programs.

The best sex dice: loopy


Okay, we’re cheating a bit now, but when you think about it, what are spinners except dice with fewer sides? Loopy is a bit of wild card in another way too, as it’s not all about sex! Well actually, it sort of is, but it encourages players to talk about the act, rather than getting straight down to it. It’ll help you find your partner’s turn offs and turn ons, and generally help you learn a bit more about each other than you would do leaping straight to knocking boots. Therefore, Loopy, you win a gold star for wholesomeness.

Each go, you spin the spinner and refer to the relevant card for where you landed to receive your task. This could be a sexy activity, or something more talky. It must be noted that, whereas most sex dice stick to crude (in multiple ways) illustrations or one-word descriptions, Loopy’s cards describes its sex acts in paragraph-long, sensual detail. Give us that gold star back!