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Standalone Betrayal card game releasing this weekend

Betrayal at House on the Hill gets its own standalone card game, Betrayal Deck of Lost Souls, this weekend - and it has fabulous art.

Betrayal Deck of Lost Souls cards showing a scary cat monster

Avalon Hill Games has shared a teaser and release date for its upcoming Betrayal at House on the Hill themed standalone card game. On February 21, 2024 it posted a series of images showing various cards from the game, titled Betrayal: Deck of Lost Souls.

According to the company, the Betrayal game – revealed only last month – will be available from “select retailers” starting this weekend: February 24.

Betrayal Deck of Lost Souls all components

Avalon’s tweet also suggests it will be demoing Betrayal: Deck of Lost Souls at MagicCon Chicago, which takes place February 23 – 25. It looks like an easy card game version of regular Betrayal, intended perhaps for portability, or for those not interested in the price tag associated with a big chunky boxed game.

It’s also quick to play, described by Avalon as a “speedrun of terror and chaos”.

Betrayal Deck of Lost Souls curse cards

With just a little bit of analysis of the available images, we can get a definite sense of the gameplay on offer here. It looks like players will be tasked with defeating various omen and curse cards, like the Wretched Familiar or Bloodlust, and must find specific items in order to counteract them.

It appears the players will get a reward for defeating omens, and must pay a penalty if they fail to defeat them. It also seems Betrayal: Deck of Lost Souls is at least in part a social deduction game, and that one player is a traitor, working against the rest.

Betrayal Deck of Lost Souls rules booklets and a few cards

With only a few pictures to work off, we obviously can’t draw too many conclusions about how Betrayal: Deck of Lost Souls will play. We can admire the lovely artwork though, and squint at the incredibly hard to read font that’s been utilized.

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