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Splendor is 44% off this Black Friday weekend

Excellent couples' board games Splendor is up for a whopping discount this weekend

One of the best couples’ board games is up for cheap this weekend. Splendor is a competitive two-player board game that places you in the shoes of a thrifty gem merchant. A staple of board game collections the world over, this title has long been praised for its interactive gameplay and straightforward, but deeply engaging rules. At only $25.19 (44% of) / £24.31 (28%) this Black Friday weekend, this is the perfect time to add it to your collection.

In Splendor, you’ll be trying to swoop up valuable gems before your opponent, collecting sets of the precious stones to purchase point-scoring buildings. The challenge (and fun) comes from balancing your commercial pursuits. Do you try to gain the most profitable buildings on the board immediately at the expense of your opponent; or will you play the long game, and accumulate lots of gems before emptying your wallet on valuable property.

Although light on rules, there’s still a lot of strategic thinking to be done when playing Splendor. It’s a breeze to pick up, but a joy to behold when your carefully laid plan springs into action, letting you gobble up the most expensive buildings before your opponent can even say, ‘Good golly, but what about my capital stock!’.

Playable for two to four people, with a playtime of only 30 minutes, this really is the perfect family or Christmas board game. Set up is quick and easy, while the basic gameplay loop can be grasped in an instant on the first turn. You won’t be waiting long before you slip into the mindset of a gluttonous merchant on the prowl of tantalising stones.

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We don’t know how long this discount on Splendor will be available for, so you’re best to act fast if you want to grab it. Once you do, why not check out our pick of the other Black Friday board game deals currently available? There’s tons of excellent discounts and offers to dig into.