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Become a replicant rebel in next Blade Runner RPG expansion

Free League Publishing has announced two expansions for the Blade Runner RPG, including a book that lets you play as part of the Replicant Rebellion.

Blade Runner The Roleplaying Game a bladerunner testing someone to see if they're a replicant.

Free League Publishing has announced two new expansions for its cyberpunk noir Blade Runner RPG – a new case file, and a sourcebook that expands the tabletop RPG’s gameplay, letting you become a rogue Replicant on the run.

The first of these expansions, Fiery Angels is an investigative adventure, a “deluxe case file module” featuring a new book and all kinds of handouts, from photographs to maps. It’s priced at $34.99 and planned for release in Q4 of 2023.

Meanwhile, the Replicant Rebellion sourcebook will come out in 2024. It’s a little more dear, at $49.99, and contains lore on the replicant rebellion, as well as advice on running a new type of campaign, working against rather than for ‘The Man’, with missions ranging from helping Replicants escape to acts of industrial sabotage.

We hold the Blade Runner RPG in high esteem – check out Mollie’s Blade Runner RPG review to find out why. Her main criticism was the limitations of the setting – you were stuck doing replicant-chasing detective work in a shady city, leading us to wonder how much gameplay that could realistically support. With a new sourcebook on the way, the game’s horizons look set to broaden.

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