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Blood Bowl 3 accidentally gave away special edition extras free

'Brutal Edition' cosmetics from the Blood Bowl 3 special edition have been appearing for free in regular edition customer accounts, says dev

Blood Bowl 3 special edition extras unlocking for regular edition players for free - a yellow-skinned Troll with a snazzy skull belt

Blood Bowl 3 special edition cosmetics have been appearing for free in the accounts of regular edition customers, developer Cyanide Studio acknowledged on the game’s official Discord on Friday. The ‘Brutal Edition’ of Blood Bowl 3 currently costs $20 / £16 more than the standard edition, and comes with exclusive cosmetics and 1,000 ‘warpstone’ in-game currency.

A post made by a Cyanide employee in the community-news channel of the game’s Discord states; “It came to our attention that players buying the Standard Edition have been getting Brutal bonuses”. The post does not elaborate on the extent of the issue, whether it is the result of a bug or human error, but adds that Cyanide is “currently working on the best way to address this issue”.

Blood Bowl 3 special edition extras unlocking for free - infographic for Blood Bowl 3, listing the exclusive icons and dice that come with the special Brutal Edition of the game.

Most of the text is an apology to Brutal Edition backers, saying: “we acknowledge the fact that we have not lived up to your expectations and support”. Discord allows for more expressive emoji responses than Twitter: the post has received 387 thumbs up and 226 clown faces at the time of writing.

This isn’t the only problem relating to the Brutal Edition. Multiple bug reports in the Discord report players having problems with their cosmetics. This includes instances where cosmetic customisation options are incorrectly registering as ‘already equipped’ to players, cosmetics not rendering in matches, or cosmetics apparently disappearing from a players’ account when they delete the team member the item is attached to.

Blood Bowl 3 special edition extras unlocking for free - infographic for Blood Bowl 3, listing the unlockable cosmetics for buying the 'Brutal edition'

Fans who bought the Brutal Edition of Blood Bowl III got access to the game on Monday, ahead of Thursday’s general release. Cyanide patched the game on Tuesday, listing fixes to several crash bugs and other issues in the patch notes. On Thursday, the company took the game servers offline to attempt to fix multiplayer bugs including disconnection issues and server instability.

Our Blood Bowl III review was positive overall, but we clearly had an unrepresentative experience with the game.

For all the time and effort you will have to spend painting miniatures to get a copy of the tabletop Blood Bowl Second Season Edition ready to use or build an Age of Sigmar army, at least you don’t have to worry about your figures disappearing from existence or appearing in someone else’s house – pet dogs and small children not-withstanding.