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Warhammer Blood Bowl halfling star players hungry for victory

Forge World reveals two new halfling star player minis for Blood Bowl, bringing Halfling grit (and packed lunches) to the game of fantasy football

Warhammer Blood Bowl Halfling Star Player Cindy Piewhistle, a barefoot halfling chef in a blue dress prepares to hurl a smoking pie

Games Workshop has revealed new Warhammer Blood Bowl minis are coming for two halfling star players, Puggy Baconbreath and Cindy Piewhistle. Forge World miniatures for the two food-focused footballers were revealed on the Warhammer Community website on Monday.

Rules for Cindy Piewhistle and Puggy Baconbreath in the current edition of Bloodbowl are available already in the 2022 Spike Almanac expansion.

Warhammer Blood Bowl Halfling Star Player Cindy Piewhistle and Puggy Baconbreath - two halflings, a female chef in a blue dress prepares to hurl a smoking pie, while an armoured football player balances a huge sandwich on one finger

Cindy is a very cheap Bombardier, able to hurl scalding pies at the opposing team. Puggy packs skills including Dodge, Block, Nerves of Steel, and The Right Stuff, as well as the comparatively high Strength of three and Agility 3+, making him a competent ball carrier who can navigate enemy tackle zones or survive being thrown upfield by a Treeman.

Warhammer Blood Bowl Halfling Star Player Puggy Baconbreath details, showing a closeup of the large sandwich he's balancing on one finger, plus his bursting trousers held together by a championship medal

Puggy is also a veteran star player who appeared in the second edition of Blood Bowl, way back in 1988 – there was even a solid metal mini for him. Cindy first appeared in Spike Magazine in 2019, but hasn’t had a mini until now. The WarCom article says that the two new models are cast in Forge World resin.

Warhammer Blood Bowl Halfling Star Player Cindy PIewhistle details - showing closeups on the pies she is holding and has holstered at her waist

Blood Bowl is one of Games Workshop’s oldest games, first released in 1986. It’s changed remarkably little since that first edition. Rather than the Age of Sigmar Mortal Realms, it’s set in a parallel version of Warhammer The Old World that dials down the grimdark and dials up the humour – usually pretty successfully.

If you want to get started in Blood Bowl, the current edition is called “Blood Bowl Second Season Edition”. You could also look out for the upcoming Blood Bowl III computer game, releasing February 23.

Puggy and Cindy could also work as DnD miniatures. If you fancy creating a halfling PC with a strong pie-throwing arm, check out our guide to Pathfinder classes and DnD classes for inspiration.