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Blood Bowl Norse Team goes to pre-order this weekend

The Norse Blood Bowl Team, The Norsca Rampagers, will go up for pre-order this weekend, available from Games Workshop's webstore from April 16

Blood Bowl Norse Team pre-order: A Blood Bowl scene of the norsca rampagers on the blood bowl playing field.

Somebody wake the Yhetee! It’s time for the Norse to take to the Blood Bowl field. The Norsca Rampagers Blood Bowl box will go up for pre-order from the Games Workshop webstore on Saturday, April 16, along with a bunch of cards and accessories.

The Blood Bowl Norse Team will field Berzerkers and Ulfwerner werewolves to dish out some pain, backed up by nimble Valkyries who can dart in and score once the dust has settled. The Norscans’ Beer Boars look to be jostling for position of ‘most adorable Blood Bowl model’ and appear to serve a support role, as Warhammer Community says they can provide “a mid-match pick-me-up” for the team, but also warns that they can be taken down by Snotlings, the feeblest critters in the Old World.

The box will contain 14 Norsca players in total, along with the expected Norse-themed coins, balls and markers. There’ll be two ways to build each Blood Bowl player, and plenty of optional helmets and flagons are promised, so you should be able to create exactly the spiky-helmeted, mead-guzzling Norse team your heart desires.

Forge World models will also be available for Norse fans seeking to add some extra star power to their team. Two Star Players – the barrel-lobbing Thorsson Stoutmead, who can knock players down from range; and Block, Guard, and Tackle-wielding Ivar Eriksson – will be available from Forge World. There’ll also be one Big Guy, the fearsome Yhetee, Skrorg Snowpelt, who we can reasonably foretell will cause injuries galore.

As usual, GW’s releasing reference cards, the Norse Team Card Pack, for easy rule checking, and you’ll also be able to pick up an ice-capped Norse pitch for Home games.

The Blood Bowl Norse Team, Norsca Rampagers, will include:

  • 6 Norse Raider Linemen
  • 2 Berzerkers
  • 2 Ulfwerners
  • 2 Valkryies
  • 2 Beer Boars

The Norsca Rampagers will be boisterously barging their way up for pre-order on April 16. We won’t be absolutely certain on the pricing until Saturday comes, but don’t foresee a great deviance from the usual $50 / £31.50 for a Blood Bowl team.

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