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Warhammer veterans’ cult card game Dark Deeds is coming back

Dark Deeds, an indie card game about underhanded skullduggery by Andy Chambers and Mark Gibbons, is getting its first ever reprint.

Dark Deeds card game designed by ex-Games Workshop legends - product photograph of the box art, a prominent wax seal with devilish horns

Dark Deeds, a “darkly humorous” card game designed by Warhammer veterans Andy Chambers and Mark Gibbons, plus Lorcana co-designer Ryan Miller, is finally being reprinted. The first edition of the game, printed by indie publisher Games and Gears in 2015, was a sell-out cult hit.

Dark Deeds is a two to five player card game for adults that casts players in the role of hapless minions working for a villainous patron. With Mark Gibbons’ art and some very British humor, it’s a funny board game with a distinctive identity.

Your turn will be spent accosting citizens in the street, robbing from merchants, assassinating your nemeses, sneaking past guards, and trying to cast suspicion onto the other players. This video by YouTuber Learn To Play Games explains the rules of the original edition:

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UK board game and miniature wargame publisher Modiphius announced on Friday via press release that it will publish a new edition of Dark Deeds. The new edition has been co-designed by Gibbons, Chambers, and Rookery Publications, a small design studio founded by Gibbons and other industry veterans.

Mark Gibbons states that the first edition of Dark Deeds was created “over a frenzied six months back in 2015”. Gibbons started work on a new edition “when Covid forced us all inside for 18 months”. The new edition will include “revised and rebalanced rules, extra cards, [and] new art”.

Dark Deeds card game designed by ex-Games Workshop legends - product photograph showing a spread of cards in play

Gibbons has worked throughout the games industry, including at Blizzard Entertainment and Riot Games. He was an illustrator and cover artist at Games Workshop in the 90s’, producing many classic Warhammer 40k Codex covers for 2nd edition, and key art for many Warhammer The Old World factions.

Andy Chambers worked at Games Workshop as a game designer in the 90s and 00s, putting his name on many rules sets including the iconic original editions of Necromunda and Battlefleet Gothic.

He’s worked on some killer games since then, including 2003’s criminally underrated Starship Troopers miniature game by Mongoose Publishing, the first edition of Dropzone Commander (now published by TT Combat). He even wrote a series of Warhammer 40k books about the Dark Eldar.

Dark Deeds card game designed by ex-Games Workshop legends - product photograph showing cards, box, and rulebook

The press release by Modiphius doesn’t mention Ryan Miller being involved with the second edition – but as he’s busy working on new Lorcana sets we imagine his plate is rather full!

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