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New Mickey Mouse Lorcana card can play any character for free

A recent Disney Lorcana spoiler introduces a Mickey Mouse with a silly strong summoning power - and a weedy Willpower stat for balance.

Disney Lorcana card art for Mickey Mouse, friendly face

A newly-revealed Disney Lorcana card lets you play any character you like for zero cost, and the internet is a-twitter with ideas for ‘Big Goofy’ decks. ‘Mickey Mouse, Trumpeter’ was revealed by German YouTuber ZeroZwei on February 7. It’s a four-ink Steel card with no Strength of its own, but exerting it and paying two ink lets you bring in any ally you like, scot-free.

Steel is a Disney Lorcana color full of beefy characters that could benefit from this ability. ‘Goofy, Knight for a Day’ is one of the first that comes to mind thanks to its thematic link, but Mickey could also speed up summoning some of the best Disney Lorcana cards in Steel.

In the perfect conditions, this new Mickey card could secure some ridiculous wins – but we expect these scenarios will be far and few between. With just one Willpower, such a dramatic ability, and more direct removal options arriving with every Disney Lorcana set, we don’t like Mickey’s chances of survival long-term. This card might spend more time redirecting challenges than actually summoning anything.

The presence of similar cards in other trading card games also reminds us that this ability isn’t much of a game-breaker. No one ever called for Elvish Piper to be added to the MTG banlist, after all. Mickey sparks lots of fun deck-building ideas, but the card is unlikely to shatter the meta.

Mickey Mouse, Trumpeter will become available when Into the Inklands releases on February 23. In the meantime, be sure to follow us on Google News for more Lorcana updates. We can also point you to the most expensive Lorcana cards around right now, or teach you how to play Disney Lorcana online.