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Graded Disney Lorcana cards already storm secondary market

The Disney Lorcana TCG isn’t even close to release day, but collectors are already auctioning off graded promo cards for thousands of dollars

Disney Lorcana graded cards auction - art of Mickey Mouse

The first set for the Disney Lorcana TCG is at least a year away, but plenty of people are already trying to sell graded cards on the secondary market. Most recently, on October 20, trading card marketplace PWCC shared that the seven foil-treated promo cards released at this year’s D23 Expo are available for auction on its website until October 30.

Disney Lorcana is, as you may have guessed from the name, Disney’s answer to Magic: The Gathering. The D23 cards revealed the first of the iconic film company’s characters to be featured in Disney Lorcana. Elsa, Captain Hook, Cruella De Vil, Maleficent, Stitch, and Robin Hood all have a D23-exclusive promo card, but they’ll also be available in the game’s first ‘chapter’. A Mickey Mouse: Brave Little Tailor card was also released as an exclusive for the event.

Each of the Lorcana cards is listed individually for auction over at PWCC. The marketplace is advertising this auction as “one of the first opportunities to own a graded set of Disney Lorcana trading cards”.

“The cards are all graded by SGC”, the marketplace says, “which lists just five Mickey Mouse cards graded to date”. “The other six cards are the only copies to be graded by the company thus far”, it adds. Grading isn’t quite so rare, though, as PWCC also points out 252 Lorcana cards have been graded by another third-party authenticator, PSA.

Disney Lorcana graded card auction - Disney Lorcana TCG logo

“Demand for authenticated copies of Disney Lorcana cards is currently high as there aren’t many graded copies available on the market,” said PWCC’s vice president of sales Jesse Craig. “The Mickey Mouse card is in the 60s for total graded population, while the other cards are all in the low 30s or high 20s.”

“It will be exciting to see where these numbers settle in the coming year and where the market lands on a price for them”, Craig adds. As of writing, the highest bid on PWCC’s card listings is $11 / £9.87.

This particular seller on PWCC isn’t the only person anticipating high value for the few existing Disney Lorcana cards, though. Others have listed the same promos on eBay with asking prices of up to $7,000 / £6,271 for an individual card. One ambitious seller is currently asking for $30k / £26k for a complete graded set.

It’s one thing for sellers to list the cards at these prices, but people are buying them. A PSA grade 10 Stitch card racked up over $4,000 at auction in mid-October, and that’s just one of the cards that have sold for several thousand on a secondary market. Without releasing a single set, Disney Lorcana has managed to generate the kind of collector frenzy you usually see surrounding the MTG reserved list.

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