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Broken Disney Lorcana card spikes 800% after new set release

A humble mouse takes the Disney Lorcana trading card game by storm with a super powerful card draw combo – and no, it isn’t Mickey.

Disney Lorcana card, Hiram Flaversham (image from Ravensburger)

An unlikely hero has emerged from Disney Lorcana’s Rise of the Floodborn set – Hiram Flaversham, a Storyborn Inventor with seemingly limitless card draw potential. It’s the surprising potency of this card that’s caused its price to spike on TCGPlayer. Since Rise of the Floodborn first released, the value of the card has increased 794%, with the price on November 23 at $8.16 (£6.51).

Hiram Flaversham is a 1/6 Sapphire Storyborn Inventor that costs four ink. His main ability reads as follows: “When you play this character and whenever he quests, you may banish one of your items to draw two cards.”

This is a pretty good ability by itself, but, as Lorcana players like Zef Games have pointed out, it gets pretty ridiculous when combined with a card like Pawpsicles. Pawpsicles lets you draw a card when you play it, but it also removes up to two damage from a chosen character when you banish it.

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Zef recently shared a comprehensive video on why this match-up is so powerful (see above). The TLDR version is this: build a near-infinite engine to gain excellent card draw and play increasingly useful cards on early turns.

Sapphire has plenty of powerful cards already, but before the Rise of the Floodborn Disney Lorcana release date on November 16, the meta was largely dominated by decks like Steel/Amber and Ruby/Amethyst Control. Rise of the Floodborn is already shaking things up – though the current frontrunner appears to be an Amber/Emerald Discard deck, so any deck playing Hiram Flaversham will have some stiff competition.

For more on Disney Lorcana, the trading card game’s publishers recently promised to “drastically increase” production. We can also tell you more about both Disney Lorcana sets released so far.