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DnD action figures revive characters from 80s cartoon

Dungeons and Dragons action figures, based on heroes, villains, and an anti-hero from the beloved 1980s DnD animated show are coming from Super 7.

DnD action figures showing characters from the Dungeons and Dragons TV series from the 80s

The characters from the old Dungeons and Dragons cartoon from the 1980s have been dusted off and given new life in a line of upcoming DnD action figures. San Francisco-based pop culture collectibles company Super7 is producing four figures based on the classic TV series, and they’re available to preorder for the next month.

The four characters in what Super 7 calls ‘Wave 1’ of the Dungeons and Dragons collection includes the DnD Rogue (or Thief) Sheila, the DnD Ranger Hank, the Skeleton Warrior Dekkion and a two-pack of smaller Shadow Demons.

Each figure can be bought separately for $55, or as a group of four for $220, which gets you some extras: glow-in-the-dark 5e weapons and a metal circle of power for Dekkion. The preorders for these character figures last until February 11, 2024, and they’re expected to ship to buyers in October.

The DnD action figures are part of Super7’s ‘ULTIMATES!’ collection, which includes lines for lots of other retro shows, such as G.I. Joe and Thundercats. Given the use of ‘Wave 1’ and the fact the company went with a Shadow Demon minion rather than the series’ main antagonist Venger, we wouldn’t be surprised if more Dungeons and Dragons models were in the pipeline.

The DnD animated series ran on CBS for three series between 1983 and 1985. Despite its relatively low episode count, the show has been influential enough to still get the occasional reference in the modern day. The series’ heroes showed up in last year’s DnD movie for instance, and Hasbro Pulse also sells its action figures for the show, including Venger, Dungeon Master, Sheila, and Presto.

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A couple more details on Super7’s models: they come with interchangeable hands and heads for better posing, as well as accessories like weapons and equipment. They’re made-to-order, and available to purchase from Super7’s online store for the next 32 days.

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